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Top 20 Credit Cards in India

Credit Cards in India

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Have you been looking to get a credit card this year that suits all your needs and wants? Then this place is where you are meant to be.

However, one should remember that each card offers different benefits like no one card can offer all services of the hotel voucher, flight vouchers, shopping discounts together.

Hence, as per your needs and wants, you must choose the card that suits you. Here is a list of the top 20 credit cards in India:

Credit Cards in India

  1. ICICI Amazon Pay Card:

    If you are someone who wants to get hands-on the reward games of the credit card without any annual fees, then this is the best card for you. ICICI Amazon pay card is very popularly known for its integration with ICICI bank to deliver the card within 72 hours.

  2. Axis Flipkart Card:

    This card is considered one of the very high rewarding credit cards that give users around 1.5% of cashback to its statement, covering all sorts of expenditures. Especially for beginners, this is considered one of the best credit cards.

  3. OLA Money SBI Card:

    If you are a frequent OLA user, then this card will give you about 7% of return on all the OLA cabs spent. The card also offers some temporary offers where the user gets 15% on OLA spends.

  4. SBI Prime:

    Since 2017, this card has been ranked as one of the best credit cards in India. It offers a plethora of benefits, such as access to lounge access, milestone benefits, etc. It also provides a renewal fee waiver on about a spend of 3 lakhs.

  5. Amex MRCC:

    MRCC (American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card) is one of the best ways to enter Amex. If someone is a regular user and uses this card to ger 1000 MR points by spending Rs. 1000*4 monthly, then one can quickly get a return of 10% or more.

  6. Regalia First:

    This card is free of cost for at least a year. For those who are not comfortable paying the joining fees, it suits them best. The best part about this card is its merchant offers. The card gives 5X/10X promos that help increase the rate of the reward of the card.

  7. SBI click:

    If you are someone who does mostly all the spending online and if your spend is 3 lakh or less than that, then the click card is the best for you. With this card, the user gets rewards that are accelerated on a few selected merchants as well.

  8. Amex gold charge:

    If you live a luxurious lifestyle, then this card is apt for you. These are upgraded cards. These cards offer travel benefits like access to international and domestic lounges and higher rewards on massive spending.

  9. HDFC Regalia:

    The HDFC Regalia card is the flagship card of HDFC, and since its inception, has been enjoying its fame. This card is considered as an upgraded version of Regalia first.

  10. SBI Elite:

    In the category of the premium cards, SBI Elite is considered the top. The card gives access to the users to use two BookMyShow tickets worth Rs. 500 that is one of the best offers every provided by BookMyShow. Hence, if you are a movie buff and watch every movie in the hall, this card is undoubtedly ideal.

  11. HDFC Diners Club Miles:

    If you consider yourself a person who is always traveling and shopping, then the HDFC Diners Club Miles card will help you save a considerable sum of money. It offers 10X reward points and access to the lounge.

  12. HDFC Diners Privilege:

    Just recently, HDFC came up with a better version of the HDFC Diners Club Miles credit card, and the new name was given as HDFC Diners Privilege. This card is considered as a combination of Diners black and Diners Club miles that offers monthly rewards.

  13. IndusInd Iconia (Amex):

    If you are a weekend person, you must get your hands on this IndusInd Iconia (Amex) card. This card is used to give access to unlimited domestic lounge access. However, this service has been revoked. Amex is known for offering various other benefits to its card owners.

  14. IndusInd Pinnacle:

    If you are active on the online platforms apart from Flipkart and Amazon, you must consider buying the IndusInd Pinnacle card. This card provides excellent returns on the online spending that are equivalent to the cash.

  15. Amex Plat Travel:

    The American Express Platinum Travel card is considered one of the country’s best travel credit cards today. This card is mainly suitable for all the high spenders as one gets vouchers of up to Rs. 30,000 on a spend of 4 lakhs that includes Taj stay vouchers and travel vouchers.

  16. Axis Magnus:

    This is the newest offering of the Axis bank in the segment of ‘premium Travel.’ It gives its users an altogether unique experience, such as just breezing through the airport lines with the airport complimentary concierge services.

  17. Citi Premier Miles:

    This way is the one that opens the door to get the Citi prestige. This card is an excellent fit for the City gold or priority account holders as the renewal fees are not waived off very quickly.

  18. Axis Privilege:

    If you are the bank’s priority customer, then you will get the Axis Privilege card for free. That comes on with some great benefits for travelers as they get Yatra voucher options. If you are looking for the best non-airline travel card from the Axis bank, this would be a great fit.

  19. SBI IRCTC Platinum:

    With this card, the user gets a chance to save up to 10% of the train tickets and then redeem the points for the journeys. If you are a frequent traveler of the Indian railways, then you must consider getting this card.

  20. Axis Vistara Infinite:

    The Vistara airlines offer one of the best rewarding credit cards. It gives the new cardholders a welcome voucher, and apart from that, it provides up to a total of four business class vouches based on the spending. The reward rate of the card is 10%, which is excellent.


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