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Top 10 Best Plywood Companies in India

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You might wonder which plywood you must buy for any specific purpose when you build a house.

Well, here we are with the top 10 plywood companies in the country where you can go and find very fine quality products. Just scroll and read to find the list.

Top 10 Plywood Companies in India

Krishna Plywood


The company was launched in the year 1984 as a small production unit. It is established by Mr. G. Vishnu Prasad.

After many years and a lot of hard work of Mr. Prasad, the company has been one of the well-established plywood manufacturers in India.

The company is known to manufacture all kinds of plywood that exist including MDF Particle Board, Checked Plywood and many more.

Sound of Silence

Essentially, the company began as the supplier of the acoustic fitting. Later, the company changed its niche.

This time they centralized their product for some targeted audience. You can also get the hint by their name. This plywood company is known to manufacture soundproof plywood fixtures.

They produce doors, panels, movable walls, room dividers, etc. All the products are soundproof and no compromises are made in the quality of any of their products.


This name definitely comes into your mind when you think about the best plywood in India. Century is considered to be the most popular plywood companies in India. Even if you don’t deal with plywood, you must have heard the name.

They have been in the market for so long and have established themselves as the representatives of the industry. This company offers you a warranty on all the products you purchase from them but who needs it? The name itself is a seal of quality.

Initially, when the industry was not so large, you might have to purchase different kinds of plywood from different manufacturers. That time, Greenply was established with the idea of bringing all kind of plywood under the same roof.

Here you will find each and every kind and variety of plywood. No matter if its blockboard or some decorative ventures, Greenply has it all. This has brought them among the best plywood brands in India

Kitply Industries Limited

Kitply is another long journey in the industry. They started in the year 1982 and has come a long way.

They are more particularly known as the pocket-friendly plywood in India. They manage to provide their customers quality products at a lower price than the average value in the country.

They did not just stop here, now they are expanding their business in other countries as well. They are already a seller in the neighbor countries Pakistan, Bangladesh and expanding even more.

National Plywood Industries Limited

Here we have another name that is known for their affordable priced plywood. No matter how high the demand goes and prices hikes, you will always find a National Plywood manufacturing good quality plywood at decent price.

They are more specifically known to produce waterproof plywood at a lower price. Though they have found a way to cut the cost, no compromise with the quality is made.

Mayur Plywood

What comes into your mind hearing such a beautiful name “Mayur”? Well, the company doesn’t disappoint you in any terms.

The company is known to manufacture plywood that is elegant and mesmerizing. They themselves are a piece of art and for sure they are not ready to compromise the quality at any cost. They have also got the European EU certification. They are the first choice for a major audience of India.

Duro Ply: –

Formally known as Sarda Plywood Industries Limited. Well, you might not have heard the name of the company ever before and that would not be a surprise. The company might not be known by its own name but they are recognized by the product they manufacture.

They manufacture all the plywood products with the name “Duro”. You must have heard the products Duro Flex, Duro Marine and Duro Dynamo. They all are manufactured by Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd.

Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt Ltd

This name must have reached your ears for one thing or the other. The company not only produces plywood, but they are the manufacturers of all kinds of building products and utilities that are being used. They make a quality product in plywood and all other building materials.

Sylvan Ply

Sylvan Ply is one of the finest waterproof plywood suppliers in the country. No matter what season it is or how wet the atmosphere is, these plywood’s never let you down. They are highly used in the region with heavy and regular rainfall.


After going through the article, we are sure that you are now aware of all the major plywood companies in the country. Tell us in the comment section which one is you prefer and why. Your response is something we seek a lot.

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