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Top 10 Best Online Jobs from Home – NO Investment

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If you want to earn money by doing online jobs from home and earn up to Rs 1000 daily, I will help you out in finding out some of the best online jobs in India.

You can very easily do these works from home and without doing any investment at all.

There can be several limitations due to which you may not be able to go to work every day. Maybe you are not physically capable of daily commuting or maybe you are studying and can not do full-time work.

May be you are not qualified enough to get a full-fledged job. Sometimes you do not have the proper investment to start your own business. Maybe you are a housewife and can not go out to work.

For all such people, online jobs are so beneficial. They can earn money, become self-dependent and live a respectful life.

This blog is all about providing some suggestions regarding online jobs from home for earning some extra money.

10 best online jobs from home:

Easy online jobs

Look for some legit websites where you can earn money online. All you need to do is following the instructions provided by them and doing the simple tasks accordingly. The tasks are as simple as watching videos, reviewing products, writing short articles, taking short surveys, comment on or like a video, etc.

You will just have to devote hardly 10-20 minutes every day.

Blogging and affiliate:

Blogging is one of the most sought after online jobs in India. Blogs are of two types- free and paid. Blogs can be beneficial in several ways.

One way is to use Google Adsense so that you get paid every time a person clicks and go through your site.

Also, your blog can be a promotion platform for affiliate products. This can be very fruitful and can bring you some really good amounts of earning.

You can either opt for full time or part-time blogging. Both will fetch a nice income for you. There is no need to worry at all.

Google online jobs:

Who does not know about Google! After all, it is one of the best companies on the Internet. You can literally make your fortune by doing Google online jobs from home.

These jobs are online jobs without investment. Anyone with zero investment can start doing these works and make some extra earning.

3 types of Google online jobs are:

  1. Google AdSense– where you earn money when people click on the ad links on your blog site.
  2. Google opinion rewards- It is part-time work. You just have to download the app and fill up the survey forms. This way you can earn some money on a part-time basis. You get money in the form of google play credits, which you can later on use to purchase paid apps.
  3. Youtube online jobs:

This online work can make you rich as well as you can become a celebrity.

Simply start your own youtube channel and flaunt your skills there. It can be about cooking, beauty, makeup, dancing, acting, comedy and so on. Once your channel starts getting famous among the audience, you will start getting payment through ads on your channel.

  1. Amazon online jobs:

It is one of the best portals for shopping online. If you want, you can make some brilliant incomes with amazon too. You should have a basic knowledge of English and the internet to do this work. You can earn a huge amount of money by using these options.

Data entry jobs:

Umpteen number of data entry jobs are available all over the world and in India too. You just need to select some of the best and genuine companies to work with. You will work as a data entry operator with them.

Usually, Rs 15000 to Rs 20000 can be earned per month by doing data entry jobs. It is really a very good option to work as a data entry operator for earning some nice amount of money. Your typing skill should be very good for doing this job.

Freelancing jobs:

First of all, let me make you understand what is freelancing.

It means providing your services to your clients and customers. You will be the one deciding your terms and condition. There is no strict rule to follow. You can actually earn a lot of money even by freelancing.

Online micro jobs:

Small tasks and works which take very little time to be done or completed, are called micro-jobs.

Lots of sites are there, like Amazon Turk, MicroWorkers, etc. that provide micro-works and tasks to do.

The payment you receive depends on the duration or time limit within which the task is completed.

There are several small tasks to be done. For instance, searching something on Google, giving a review, writing down a comment, sharing a page and so on.

All you need to do is to work 1-2 hours a day and get paid up to Rs 15,000. The starting range is Rs 6,000.

Online tutor jobs:

This type of job is for those who love to teach. If you are well educated, properly knowledgeable, and you want to work from home without compromising your comfort, then this job is for you.

Online teaching jobs are high on demand. You can make some extra income in doing these jobs.

You will be paid on a per hour basis. Select and get yourself registered on some genuine and popular websites.

Online writing jobs:

If you have a passion for writing, then you should definitely look for this job and start doing it. It is growing very popular all over the world. All the websites seek for regular content updates to make their sites presentable, unique and attractive.

Look for different sites that offer you content writing jobs. For instance, Elance,, Fiverr, etc. are some of the best sites you can check for online writing jobs.

There are some sites that help you learn the art of good writing. If you do not have that much knowledge or capability of writing, then you should follow blogs like Copy Blogger. They will give you tips and tricks to be a good writer. Once you feel you are ready enough, then join these jobs and start making some extra income.

Online survey jobs:

Another great and easy way to earn some extra money, these jobs are quite beneficial and easy to do.  Various companies and brands ask for your opinions and feedback so that they can increase their sales.

You have to sign up and get registered with various companies. They will provide you these online jobs. After joining these sites, the survey forms will be sent to you in your email.

All you need to do is to get these forms filled and in return, you will be paid.

One of the obstacles that come in these types of jobs are the availability of very few genuine companies, that give you survey forms and pay you actually. So, you have to be very cautious before selecting and getting registered to any company.

So these are the top ten online jobs in India that you can opt for. Choose the type of job that meets your needs and suits your circumstance. All the best for a great career ahead!


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