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Top 10 Best Job Sites in Singapore

Best Job Sites in Singapore

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The country has been an attractive place for all job seekers. With high-paying jobs, a great environment, the high society living, Singapore provides every facility to welcome its employees from another part of the world. With the help of the internet, a job seeker easily finds many opportunities. But searching for a job among thousands of websites can be time-consuming and tiring as well. So, we have come up with a list of the top 10 job sites in Singapore. Staying focused on such websites whenever you are looking for a job can be ultimately fruitful.

Before opening an account on such a website described below, one needs to make an attractive resume, should be talented about a particular skill, etc. It will increase your chances of getting hired.

From the recruiters’ side, one can easily post a job or place an ad on the site and find the right talent. Not to get disturbed by the hassles of finding a good opportunity, this list of the top 10 job sites in Singapore works magically. So, stick to the whole article and choose the best site that suits you.

Best Job Sites in Singapore


If considering big websites in Singapore, JobStreet comes to the list. This acquires a name in our list of the best job sites in Singapore. With thousands of jobs available on the site, it offers industry specifications and specific positions.

The ‘Minimum Salary’ filter helps you find some particular jobs that you are looking for. It collects almost all the jobs available on the internet. One can search jobs according to specific keywords, locations, and also education qualifications.


This is another big website belonging to the country. This well-known job site has an enormous database of jobs across all industries. Starting from start-up jobs to big companies, one gets everything under its umbrella.

You can specify the area where you want to locate. Focused exclusively on Singapore, this name comes as one of the top 10 job sites in Singapore. jobsDB and JobStreet have both partnered with each other to explore more opportunities in the employment field.


This is a global site providing all kinds of jobs related to specific industries. Finding the right talent is easy on this platform. Starting from fresh candidates to experienced, everyone can explore this site.

An app is also available on the go. Comes as one of the top 10 job sites in Singapore, Monster is a favorite job site among millions of recruiters and employees across the world. Just create your account, upload your resume, and apply for the job.


It’s an entrepreneurial platform operating globally. With valuable resources and job opportunities, BeamStart has become one of the top 10 job sites in Singapore. If you are new or experienced, this site gives more flexibility and lets you explore millions of jobs. Some filter keywords such as skills and locations help one to specify the needs. One can easily find clients, post jobs, promote companies, etc.


The next in our list of the top 10 job sites in Singapore is STJobs. Straits Times Classifieds field calls up the prospective clients to find the right candidate. This website is owned by Singapore Press Holdings.

Specifically focused on SMEs, STJobs offers a wide range of industries to explore. A numerous number of jobs are posted regularly to fulfill the employment industry.


Are you obsessed with working in the advertising or media industry? This is only one site that provides you with the exact opportunity. Because of its uniqueness, it comes as one of the top 10 job sites in Singapore.

The industry ranges from art, film, architecture to animation, advertising, and more. Also, marketing jobs and internships are available here on this site. If you possess creative flairs, then you may think about this site.


As the name sounds, it is only about start-up jobs. Today, this is a huge industry across the world. Some start-ups provide more flexibilities and amenities than others.

Working in a start-up culture could explore many benefits like team working, experience, etc. you can find jobs such as UX/UI, front-end development, data analysis, etc. With the easy interface, there is no issue with searching for your dream job. This site stands as one of the best job sites in Singapore.


Are you hunting for part-time or temporary jobs? FastJobs is exactly what you need. Students who are on the lookout for summer jobs might find this site very helpful. Starting from Subway sandwich artist to logistics assistant, one can find many part-time or full-time temporary opportunities. Being a unique site, it has acquired the position of one of the top 10 best job sites in Singapore.


It’s a large career portal in Singapore. Over 800k users are already registered with the site. Their reach is more than 2 million per year. Being such a leading website, it comes as one of the top 10 job sites in Singapore.

Their unique and innovative approaches make them different from other job sites. Anyone looking for a job in Singapore should explore this site once.


The very old job site specifically focused on internships only. If you are looking for an internship in any Singaporean company, you should try this once. Being one of the top 10 job sites in Singapore, InternSG is a better place for fresher candidates to enhance their experience.


As this list of the top 10 job sites in Singapore can be helpful for a job seeker, it is also helpful for a recruiter as well. Whether you are looking for a job in Singapore, then this article might enlighten you with very helpful materials that you particularly need while applying for a job in that country. So, best of luck with your dream job.

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