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Top 10 Best Job Sites in India

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There was a time when a candidate had to walk from door to door to get a job. It was really very tiring as well as anxious. The information about vacancy was spreading through mouth mainly. But the time has changed rapidly. Finding a job today is not so difficult as before. With the help of a click, it is now easier to apply for a job, though getting that job could be very competitive. That’s a different topic rather we will discuss the top 10 job sites in India through which the process of applying for a job is extremely easier.

Today, one can upload their resumes and apply for the job they feel suitable for. There is various type of jobs suitable irrespective of the candidate. There is no issue with frequent physical appearance.

If you have just completed your studies and looking for a job, then these top 10 job sites in India could be very helpful to you. The so-called orthodox mentally for getting a government job only in life is now cliched. Professionals are comfortable finding suitable jobs on these platforms.

Best Job Sites in India


The candidate who seeks jobs is very much familiar with this site. It was established in 1997 and since then it has come a long way offering true value to job seekers.

So, the top most site should be in our article on the top 10 job sites in India. Around 10k profiles are uploaded on the site, whereas 50 million profiles are already enlisted on this site. Apart from its free features, the site offers a premium subscription also.


This is another important site in our article on the top 10 job sites in India. You just need to update your profile and increase your network. There is a huge scope of getting noticed by the recruiters.

It is quite a simple site that can connect you to the managers or HRs. Besides providing job offers, the site provides various courses which could improve the skills of a professional.

Monster India

Founded in 1999, this site is operated by Monster World. This is also a hugely popular site for job seekers. Among the top 10 job sites in India, the site is a branch of Randstad Holdings.

There is a wide variety of jobs including MNCs. This is a great website fr those who are looking to migrate. With its trustworthy services, it becomes a credible place for job seekers. Starting from startups to established companies, it fits everyone.


Another well-known job site is this. The company helps those talents who are looking for their dream jobs. Being a worldwide name Indeed offers its services to 60 countries.

The site offers resume writing services also. One can set a notification for any particular job. Thousands of jobs are posted on a monthly basis. Basically, it works like a crawler collecting jobs online. You can say this is a search engine for jobs.


Glassdoor is not just a job offering sire but it’s much more than that. Apart from applying for jobs, one can take advantage of its authentic reviews, salaries, etc.

One can upload their resumes and apply for suitable jobs. It’s totally free. If you want to get an unbiased feeling about the job you are applying for, then Glassdoor is one of the top 10 job sites in India.


Suitable for complete freshers, this website has given many opportunities to job seekers. Coming as one of the top job sites in India, it offers various services including job opportunities.

One has to enlist their names and apply for the jobs they want. This is a very helpful website for freshers. Apart from jobs, they offer courses also to upgrade a job seeker’s skills.


Part of Times India, this is a very reliable and trustworthy website for job seekers. They operate mainly in India and the Middle East.

Their main focus is on particular 3 sectors such as IT, BPO, and Banking. If you are freshers or experienced, the site is suitable for everyone. Being one of the top 10 job sites in India, the company has 2.2 cr job profiles on its site.


Though there is a slightly bad reputation about the company, it offers various services to its job seekers. Starting from job listing spreading across small to MNCs to resume writing, Shine has become a prominent website with 3.4 cr qualified candidates.

They also have an app through which one can get notifications about any job. One piece of advice would be to avoid those companies that randomly call and charge a fee for giving a job.


As the name suggests, this site is mainly for freshers. With free registration, one can get email and job alerts directly to their phones. Being one of the best job sites in India, Freshersworld has 6k recruiters. They have courses to improve your skill. Another interesting feature is its government job listing. Private jobs include IT, defense jobs, banking, etc.

Placement India

This is one of the top 10 job sites in India. The job listing includes various sectors such as Education, IT jobs, Hospitality, Real Estate, etc. With a very simple interface, this site offers a great experience for job seekers. The search bar offers to put your preference and find a job according to it.


Just over a few years, the online industry has seen massive growth. Be it e-commerce platforms or job portals, every sector is rapidly coming with more opportunities. According to statistics, over 80% of jobs are applied through online job portals. As there are so many sites, it might be difficult for candidates to go on a good platform. This is why the article of the top 10 job sites in India is made by us.

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