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Things You Should Know About Jenny 69

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About Jenny 69

Social media influencer and you Tuber Jenny 69 has also become the favorite topic of discussion online after releasing her latest song, ‘La 69’. An unpopular video generally holds more dislikes than likes on YouTube, but this song has still bagged over 2.8 million views. Following the release, Twitter also could not prevent dissing the ac6 track & a maximum number of netizens searched that they could not put up with that song.

Why is she receiving backlash for her latest single?

Jenny 69 became an overnight sensation after her first Instagram music video was released on 24th September. It was initially dated to be launched on October 1st. When she released her song, she was 27 years old, and it was very much unexpected that she could become the subject of criticism.

An official music video of this La 69 was also uploaded to the YouTube page of Lumbre Music group. Since that video went online, this singer has received more backlash than support. This song has also been termed the actual nightmare and sits at 181K dislikes versus 44K likes.

Jenny 69 had a record-breaking 1.03 YouTube subscribers and over two million followings her on Instagram. She also gained online popularity for her beauty & fashion content, but her online fame comes to have taken the backseat following the actual release of an unpopular song.

Jenny 69 has millions of followers across various social media sites. Buy her popularity comes to be sidelined, but her song and her lyrics are ringing on the ears of every listener.

A brief introduction about Jenny 69

The real name of Jenny 69 is Jennifer Ruiz; she is a Mexican American social media influencer. It is quite fascinating to know that before getting popular due to her music videos, Jenny had become famous as she was known to undergo a number of plastic surgeries in her life.

In 2015, she shared before & after pictures of her lips to give information to her followers about the kip procedure she had done. In 2016 she revealed on Twitter that she had done her ” boob surgery”.

In 2020, in July Jenny posted a video on YouTube announcing that she had got BBL Surgery. Even she wrote in a description that she would always be open about the procedures she got done because she knew that would be helpful for everyone who acts and wants to do this.

The music skills of influencers brutally trolled by the critics

It was just a few months back when Jenny had shared pictures from the debut video and music.

But, when this did, the first single on social media became the subject of trolls and memes as people could not stop talking about this.

This official video, uploaded on Youtube, had received maximum dislikes. But also has clocked a total of 2.7 million views.

When visuals of a singer are very much exceptional & also we cannot complain about how gorgeous Jenny looks. And critics are also not conceived with her vocals  & other aspects of that song.

Respond of Jenny69 to viral “La 69” criticism:

Jenny 69 had tried to defend herself regarding the criticism done against her ‘La 69’ song. In the conversation with the interviewer, a beauty influencer responded to ” lose haters” of her song, saying that she would never pay any attention because she the song and she worked hard on that song. She says that she thinks people are not accustomed to seeing women in the corridors.

In another interview, she doubles down on a statement. She said that she thought this was because there were not many females on a game with that actual genre of music. According to Jenny 69, this was new, and this was male-dominated; that was the actual reason this blew up. She also adds that she knew this would blow up, but not to the extent that this did.

But this did blow up. Her first track had well over 3 million views on YouTube- and now over four million. The song had four times as many dislikes as this did like. The backlash to a track sparked endless memes on the internet- even some jokingly claiming this was her song that broke Instagram & Facebook.

Controversies hardly have affected Jenny 69. She also says she wants to & plans on releasing maximum music in future. When La 69 is her first-ever song, she says this was the first time she ever walked into a studio. She adds that she wants to experiment with some specific Reggaeton in future.

Jenifer Ruiz, a 27-year-old Mexican American influencer based in the riverside, initially in California gained her following through her beauty tutorial & fashion content on YouTube, amassing over one million subscribers. She was seen going viral for her teasing clip end of this month.

Her latest song too has attracted over two million followers on Instagram. In that time, her contemporary music also continues with some vital momentum. This currently sits at 4.7 million views on YouTube & also remains at No. 1 Trending.


Whether you love this or hate this, we want to recognize the foray of Jenny into the music, with the first song reaching the actual levels of success. Hence, people like Jenny are like social mega stars who people want to know about A-Z and really look up to them.

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