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The Top Women Boxers in the World Today


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Boxing has long been considered a sport for men only, yet some female fighters have broken that stereotype and entered the ring. Here is a list of some of the top women fighters currently competing.

Serrano holds seven world championship titles and boasts the best overall record among female fighters. A formidable puncher, she boasts speed and skill beyond compare.

Amanda Serrano

Amanda Serrano stands alone among current world champions as the only boxer to have won championships in seven different weight classes. Hailing from Brooklyn, Puerto Rican Serrano ranks second best by ESPN and fourth by Lineal Boxing Champions; having amassed 30 knockouts across 46 fights she boasts 30 knockouts for an ESPN World Boxing Rankings score of 2.

After growing up admiring Miguel Cotto and Felix Trinidad as she dreamed of boxing as a career on Staten Island, she now seeks to leave her own mark at Madison Square Garden by defeating Taylor. A win against Taylor could cement that legacy.

Serrano began her professional career in 2009 and quickly established a stronghold. She suffered her only defeat against Frida Wallberg during an attempt at winning the inaugural WBC female junior lightweight title fight.

At featherweight, Serrano has won three world titles – WBA, IBF and WBC International. ESPN ranks her third-best active fighter; The Ring gives her fifth place. Serrano believes she possesses everything necessary for becoming the greatest woman boxer ever; including power, speed and an exceptional fight IQ; she even boasts a unique style which cannot be replicated.

Cecilia Bleefs

Cecilia Braekhus has proven herself as a world-class female boxer. She has won and held onto five welterweight titles since debuting her professional career when boxing was illegal in Norway.

On May 15, 2010, Cecilia Braekhus of Herning, Denmark defeated Victoria Cisneros from Albuquerque, NM USA with a 10-round unanimous decision, to claim both WBC and WBA welterweight championships. Cisneros suffered her ninth defeat with this defeat and dropped to 5-9-1 (1 KO).

This story of an inspiring woman is truly remarkable. That she has overcome so much yet continues fighting speaks volumes for her character and dedication to the sport of boxing. She serves as an example for women and men alike and makes professional boxing more accessible. With her goal being to bring professional boxing back into public recognition, fans should support this fighter who deserves all of our admiration and applause. It is wonderful that finally getting the recognition she deserves.

Claressa Shields

Shields’ resilience was evident early on as she quickly advanced in boxing despite obstacles from Flint, Michigan where challenges outnumber opportunities. Now an unblemished professional record with multiple world championships in two weight classes and Olympic gold medals under her belt has earned Shields her nickname: GWOAT (Great Women Of All Time).

On her pro debut on November 19, 2016, Shields defeated Franchon Crews-Dezurn with an eight-round unanimous decision and became an undisputed middleweight champion. In her second fight she claimed Hanna Gabriels as her opponent before becoming three-belt champion by defeating Hannah Rankin.

Shields’ resilience has been key to her success. She takes no nonsense from opponents and speaks out against injustices like sexism in boxing. Additionally, Shields is an advocate for equality as well as being an ambassador of Flint, Michigan where she hails from.

Mia St. John

Mia St. John has had an extremely challenging personal life, including two divorces and Julian’s death by suicide in 2014. Yet despite this tragedy, she remains undeterred in her fight. Now, as former world and international boxing champion Mia is opening up about her past through an autobiographical memoir.

St. John, who hails from Mexico, won 49 fights out of 54 matches she participated in, 19 via knockout victory. She became a media darling, appearing on shows such as Jay Leno, Conan O’brien and Entertainment Tonight.

On March 25th 2001 at Phoenix’s Park’N-Swap in Arizona, St. John was victorious again by TKOing Amy Yerkes (126 lb), from Springfield Missouri, in round three. Amy Yerkes had been the reigning champion, yet had already lost six round decisions against Rolanda Andrews and Sherri Thompson prior to this fight.

On May 12, 2002, St. John extended her record to five wins with a four-round unanimous decision over relative novice Franchesca Alcanter (122 lb) of Kansas City, Missouri. St. John was clearly superior as she delivered some hard hits that left Alcanter injured several times during the bout.

Giselle Martin

Women’s boxing has seen tremendous strides over the past several years. Once considered exclusively male territory, this sport has now been taken over by female boxers who have proven to be some of the finest athletes in their respective divisions.

Some fighters have had great success in the sport while others have not been as prolific. Many have also taken up different disciplines like mixed martial arts to test out UFC.

The top women boxers in the world are truly inspiring athletes and role models. They have made an immense difference to sports by showing that women can do anything that men can, breaking stereotypes, and encouraging younger girls to pick up boxing as a sport. Winning may not always come easily, but when success does come it is worth every ounce of hard work; we should all admire what these ladies have accomplished. It truly amazing what these incredible ladies have accomplished.

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor has become one of the biggest draws since female boxing became legalized in 2022. An Irish fighter, Katie has become one of the biggest names in world boxing and an undoubted crowd-puller; making history at Madison Square Garden by defeating Amanda Serrano via decision and drawing huge crowds to see thrilling fights that have become one of her signature features.

She successfully defended her title seven times and recently was officially named undisputed world champion in women’s lightweight division after beating Delfine Persoon of Belgium in an exciting fight. A devout Christian, she credits God with helping her navigate her way through some difficult moments during her career.

She is also a trailblazer who championed for women’s boxing to gain recognition at the Olympics, winning gold at what would become the inaugural female boxing competition at these Games. A champion and role model to aspiring young fighters alike, she dominates any division she competes in with ease while possessing diverse skill sets that will see her excelling as a professional fighter for years to come.

Laila Ali

Laila Ali, daughter of legendary heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali, has become one of the most esteemed female fighters ever. Unbeaten and having successfully defended her title several times; two-time Olympic gold medalist; first woman to hold two world titles in different weight classes simultaneously.

At her first match, she defeated Christy Martin in four rounds – her biggest fight to date at that time and one that propelled her into stardom. Martin had become known for her harsh lifestyle and trailblazing contributions in women’s boxing.

Ali won both the WBC and WIBA Super Middleweight Championships with her victory against Valerie Mahfood in five rounds, similar to how her father used rope-a-dope against George Foreman. However, Ali struck quickly by throwing quick combos and landing hard left hooks to Mahfood’s head which caused fatigue as well as cutting her nose with hard left hooks; thus ending the bout prematurely due to referee’s stoppage of fight; Ali now owns an undefeated record at 22-0.

Holly Holm

Holly Holm is one of the few fighters who has achieved multiple world championships across different weight classes, becoming an unparalleled legend and trailblazer for women in combat sports. Off the ring, she remains approachable and inspirational – an inspiration to young female fighters worldwide.

Lucia Rijker may no longer fight professionally, yet she still holds an important place in the hearts of fans and fellow fighters worldwide. Having pioneered female boxing during an era where little recognition existed for it, Rijker proved herself an immensely dominant presence within her ring.

Cecilia Braekhus stands as another trailblazer, dominating the women’s welterweight division and widely considered to be the greatest female boxer ever. Although she boasts both impressive amateur and professional victories, Braekhus remains a humble person outside the ring; additionally, she serves as an inspiring mentor for young female boxers looking to join her profession.


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