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The North Button Island National Park

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About North Button Island National Park

This National Park is situated in Andaman & Nicobar union domain of India. The park is spread in 44 sq ml and is a characteristic territory of dolphin.

This park was built up in 1979 in Andaman locale of the domain. The region home office is situated at 60 kilometres separation from this park.

In the event that anybody covetous to come here via air course, he will need to utilize Andaman Airport which is situated at 200 kilometres from this park.

The period December to March is best time to visit this park. Dolphins, water monitor reptile are the principle species found here.

The real fascination of the recreation centre is the species like Dolphins and Dugong water monitor reptile (specifically Iguana). Other than this stop, some other visiting places are there.

Well known Barren Island is likewise situated at a separation of 60 kilometres from principle gathering of Andaman.

The north east bearing from the capital Port Blair is 125 kilometres a long way from this spot. The profound and blue water around the entire island is the characteristic natural surroundings of Dolphins.

In the western course from Port Blair, Marine National Park is found. The seldom discovered ocean bird of white belly is one of the significant fascination purposes of this national park.

Wood pigeon and Andaman greenish blues are different species which attracts the traveller over and over.


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