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The First Battle of Delhi (1737)

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About The First Battle of Delhi

From the mid 18th century, one of the most prominent battles fought was the first battle of Delhi in the year 1737. Also known as the Raid of Delhi, it took place on the 28th of March 1737 and was fought between the massive Mughal army and the strong Maratha Empire.

It was in the year 1735 that the Marathas had successfully gained control over Malwa and Gujarat, however, the Mughals constantly tried to assert their rights by not acknowledging the power and control of the Marathas and thus, there were some areas that they were not ready to handover to the Marathas rightfully.

Even Peshwa Bajirao’s efforts for a word with the Mughal emperor were royally ignored. Therefore, the Mar-athas took it upon themselves to make a noise and assert their rights.

In the month of December in 1737, Bajirao I along with a huge Maratha army marched forth towards Delhi and bifurcated the army into two parts. One was led by him and the other by Malharrao Holkar and Pilaji Jhadav.

The then Mughal governor of Agra, Saadat Khan had vilified the army led by Holkar with his own massive army, however, Holkar had reached Bajirao tactfully, and Bajiro’s army outran the Mughal camps as they moved at a rapid pace, which made them cover a 10 days long distance in just 48 hours as they reached the outskirts of Delhi.

Just after that, the Marathas attacked the Mughal Empire in full swing, and they were left completely mauled, so much that the Mughal emperor himself had to take refuge in the red fort.

The Marathas carved their victory well on the 31st of March 1737 and Bajirao appointed his men at various areas in central and northern India that they had won after defeating the Mughals, on his way back to Pune.

This huge blow from the Marathas weakened the Mughal Empire gravely and by 1757, the Mughals had finally met their end and were completely wiped out when the Marathas began to rule Delhi.

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