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Tarnetar Mela (25th of August)

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About Tarnetar Mela

Also known as Tarnetar Fair, the TarnetarMela is a popular festival mainly celebrated in the state of Gujarat in India. The fair is held in the Surendranagar District, at a spot just 8 KMs away from the town of Thangadh.

The festival is closely linked with the Swayamvar of Draupadi from the Mahabharata, and is full of vibrant colours, music, and dance. It celebrates the beauty of Gujarati folk dances, music, art, as well as culture, alongside ethnic Gujarati costumes.

The fair primarily focuses on tribal men and women seeking for their ideal soulmate, whom they intend to discover in this vibrant fair among the romantic theme and colourful ambiance. However, even for those not seeking any ideal life partner here, the fair is simply beautiful and worthwhile.

From the beginning till today, the popularity of the TarnetarMela has only grown over the years, with more and more people making it to the place of celebration every year, from the state of Gujarat, as well as other states of India, even abroad.

The scene is picturesque as the music tugs to your heart and you visualize the beautiful colourful atmosphere, people enjoying as free spirits, without any bars.

There’s dancing, there are drum beats, there’s a rhythm in unison, that is extremely captivating for both locals and outsiders, creating a memorable scene right in front of their eyes.

Among all the popular folk dances performed in this fair, Raas is the most famous one, which many of us in modern day know as Dandiya Raas or simply Daandiya, where people hold two sticks in their hands and clash it with the sticks on others’ hands as they move in circular motions, creating a beautiful rhythm with the traditional music that is being played.

Various folk instruments are used in the festival as sadhus and religious musical groups play different kinds of music during this fair.

Gujarat Tourism offers accommodations like tented ones, etc. for people willing to be a part of the TarnetarMela. This year it will be held on the 25th of August.


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