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Tarn Taran Sahib – Pilgrimage Place in Punjab

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About Tarn Taran Sahib

Founded by the fifth Sikh guru, Guru Arjan Dev, Taran Taran is a famous pilgrim spot for the Sikhs located in the Indian state of Punjab.

It became an independent district in the year 2006, and houses a number of religious structures where devotees pay a visit to pay their tributes to the Sikh gurus and also find solace and connect with the almighty.

Some of the prominent religious structures where people visit for their pilgrimage include the Gurudwara Darbar Sahib, which happens to be a three-storeyed structure with a golden pinnacle and consists of many traditional and significant items of Sikhs, including the Guru Granth Sahib—the holy book in Sikhism.

The gurudwara holds kirtans and many other rituals on a daily basis where devotees participate and pay their respects to the gurus.

Other prominent religious spots in the district include the holy Sikh tank, called the Sarovar, the Har ki Pauri, which is a series of marbled stairs that descends to a beautiful sacred pool, as well as the Gurudwara Lakir Sahib.

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