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Taking Nourished Diet in Pregnancy for Fair Babies

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Babies are said to be a blessing for the parents because it brings joy in their lives with a pinch of togetherness.

As baby comes in the world, responsibility of the parents increases towards nurturing them in a better manner.

This is the reason that nourished diet for them is mandatory and it helps in making a child appear fairer too.

And who would not like to have a beautiful or fair looking kid? Some of the essential items to be included in the diet are:

Nourished Diet in Pregnancy


Eating coconut is highly recommended in the pregnancy period because it allows the child to be fair looking.

Make sure to eat the white part with crystalized sugar for overcoming weakness in the mothers. The brown portion of the coconut can be peeled off.

Saffron Milk:

It is believed that the consumption of saffron is responsible for the fair complexion of child in womb. Moreover, Saffron has been considered important for improvising on the skin tone of a person too.

This enables pregnant women to consume Saffron or Kesar milk.

Grape Juice:

Packed with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, the expecting mothers should consume 60gm of grape juice twice daily. This will not just ensure fair skin to the baby; but, make him healthy and strong.

Moreover, it is quite useful in preventing dental pain, acidity, and even constipation.

Plain Milk:

Normal white milk is quite healthy for the beautiful skin of the baby and making his bones strong at the time of pregnancy. So, expecting mothers should consume milk for the excellent development of a foetus.


Being citrus in nature and rich source of Vitamin C, oranges are meant to be useful in the health of the baby and improve their skin tone too.

Fennel Seeds:

With antiseptic characteristics and loaded with antioxidants, the water of fennel seeds is quite essential to make the skin tone lighter and fight away weakness.

Vanschlochan Powder:

It is a wonderful product that reduces the chances of miscarriage with weaker pregnancies. Moreover, the powder is meant to improve the skin tone of the baby and make him healthier.


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