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Often in classical music, composers use a musical term called subito to indicate that the dynamics should be changed suddenly and dramatically. This is usually to lower the volume of a passage and sometimes can be used to signal an intimate expression.

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What is subito?

Subito is an Italian word that means “suddenly” or “unexpectedly.” It is often used as a tempo marking in music, indicating that the piece should be played with a rapid tempo. This is a good way to create the right feeling of movement and excitement in your piece of music.

In addition, subito is also an adverb that means “suddenly or extremely.” It can be used to indicate a change in the dynamics of a piece of music. This is especially important for crescendos and decrescendos, which can dramatically affect the listener.

One possible explanation for the presence of subito during mitosis is that it is required for a component of centrosome assembly (Khodjakov et al., 2003). The minus ends of interpolar microtubules (the microtubules that originate at the poles and overlap in antiparallel orientation) could be captured by centrosomal microtubules. This would help direct the microtubules toward kinetochores and reduce the element of chance associated with making contacts between the kinetochore microtubules and centrosome microtubules.

It has been reported that subito and MKLP2 interact with Polo kinase (Plk1 in humans). This interaction is crucial for MKLP2 localization to the midzone during anaphase (Gruneberg et al., 2004).

These findings suggest that Subito and MKLP2 may both have a role in the formation of the mitotic spindle. They are probably related to the Drosophila meiotic kinesin 6 family (Giunta et al., 2002; Jang et al., 2005).

The findings also show that subito mutants exhibit a defect in mitotic spindle assembly. These mutants have abnormally formed metaphase spindles and lagging chromosomes at anaphase. These abnormalities are dependent on BubR1, a protein that is critical for activation of the spindle assembly checkpoint.

This is the first report that a kinesin 6 family member has a function in mitotic spindle assembly. This is consistent with previous studies that demonstrated a requirement for the kinesins MKLP1 and MKLP2 in cytokinesis (Matuliene and Kuriyama, 2002; Fontijn et al., 2001; Neef et al., 2003).

Subito Music Distribution

Subito Music Distribution (SMD) offers a unique service that allows independent composers to sell and rent their wares while retaining full control over their copyrights. In addition, the SMD website features a wealth of information about the music publishing industry, including a gallery of images and video clips that can be downloaded for free.

The company has a reputation for providing concert-quality music production and distribution services at all tiers of the classical publishing industry. In fact, it’s widely considered a leader in the genre. SMC offers a select roster of world-class prize-winning composers, and also represents the music of several major catalogs, including Seesaw Music, Association for the Promotion of New Music (APNM), Columbia University Press, Canadian Brass Collection, Ben Rena Music, Sorom Editions, and Dunstan House.

The company has also figured out a way to deliver the prestigious Subito Music (SM) e-book, in a format that is easy to read and listen to. This e-book is the latest and greatest in an ongoing effort to provide music publishers with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age, and it is the brainchild of SMD’s President and CEO David Murray. The e-book has a print run of ten million and is available in a variety of formats to fit the needs of its customers.

Subito Journal of Music

Subito Journal of Music is an academic journal written, edited and published by students in the School of Music & Theater at Portland State University. It offers an exciting array of articles that explore both historical and contemporary musical subjects.

The journal, which is released annually, includes conversations, interviews, book and album reviews, musical analysis and more. This year’s edition features a focus on pioneering women in electronic music from around the world, a long-form interview with electroacoustic composer Bonnie Miksch, an in-depth look at a new work by PSU graduate Kirsten Volnes and more.

Another highlight is an article by Dr. David Stokes, an award-winning composer whose works are available from Subito Music and Ars Nova Music Press. He is an expert in nineteenth-century Italian serialists and the analysis of oratorio music.

There’s also an excellent article on Finnish songs for American college-age singers by Jennifer Fulmer, a PSU alumna who is active in the advocacy of this repertoire. She has performed this repertoire throughout the United States and will be at the upcoming conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

In addition to the Journal of Music, Subito also has an informal chat session with music writers and composers who represent Subito Music Distribution (SMD). The next SMD composer-chat is Martha Mooke, a talented and versatile electro-acoustic violist and composer.

The company’s roster of composers ranges from well-known international names to a new generation of American artists. Their works are used by bands, choral groups and opera companies worldwide.

Founded in the basement of Stephen Culbertson’s Montclair home in 1993, Subito quickly expanded to a commercial space in that town and later to 3,000 square feet on Bloomfield Avenue in Verona. When it outgrew that, it moved to its current 10,000-square-foot location on Depot Street three years ago.

For the past decade, it has been a major force in the music publishing industry, providing scores for bands, choral groups and opera companies across the globe. Its best-selling titles include scores by Roberto Sierra, Paul Moravec and Steven Mercurio, among others.

The company also offers a wide range of production and distribution services for other publishers as well as self-published composers. It represents a number of internationally recognized composers, including Michael Abels, Victoria Bond, Deborah Drattell, Kenneth Frazelle, Edward Knight and Dan Locklair. Its music publishing department provides music scores, engraved copies, printing and a full range of distribution services.

Subito Music Corporation

Located in Verona, New Jersey, Subito Music Corporation is a provider of a wide range of services for composers and publishers of musical works. It provides a full suite of production and distribution services, including engraving, printing, rental, sales and copyright administration.

It is an industry leader in the creation and distribution of innovative products, such as CD Sheet Music and The Orchestra Musician’s CD-ROM Library, as well as providing short-run digital sheet music and printing-on-demand services to a large number of major composers and music publishers. In addition, it offers a variety of distribution and promotion agency services as well as e-commerce functionality.

One of the company’s latest initiatives is SMD (Subito Music Distribution), a service launched in 2014 that allows independent or self-published composers to distribute their music for sale and rental. This allows a composer to control their own distribution and sales of their works while gaining exposure for the work through SMD’s marketing and promotion efforts.

Although this is a relatively new service, it’s already showing significant signs of success, thanks to the expertise of the company’s marketing and publicity team. According to Culbertson, the SMD service is a “game changer” for independent or self-published composers who aren’t well served by the traditional distribution networks.

In addition to offering the Subito Music store, which has 4,000 titles available for sale or rental and which can be viewed on the Internet, the company is also using the latest in music publishing software and CD production technology to meet the needs of student and professional groups with efficiency.

For example, if a group is submitting an audition guide for a competition at Lincoln Center, it can upload its sheet music to the site and have it ready for delivery the next day.

For its part, European American Music Distributors LLC, a member of the international Schott Music Group, has formed a Rental Service Center in partnership with Subito to handle the distribution of the rental catalogs for both companies. EAM’s Head of Rental Services Amy Dickinson will manage the operation from the New York office.

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