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Study says 184,000 people likely to die every year due to sugar drinks

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According to a recent study done by the Journal Circulation, consumption and regular intake of sugary drinks such as sweetened beverages and other types of energy drinks can result in deaths of around 184,000 people in the world every year.

The research was conducted by the organization, suggests that sugary beverages must be completely eliminated from the food supplies as well as our day-to-day diets in order to circumvent the health-related fiascos.

According to Dr. Mozaffarian, dean of Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy at Tufts University, these sugar beverages hold no healthy and nutritional value and only pose a threat to our lives.

The research and analysis that was done to arrive at such a conclusion included data from the period of 1980 to 2010 where dietary surveys and information from around 51 countries were taken into consideration for conducting the study.

The researchers concentrated on fruit drinks, energy drinks, sodas, ice tea, and other sweetened beverages to deduce its impact on human health. While studies from recent past suggest these beverages to be a big contributing factor for ailments like diabetes, a list of cardiovascular diseases as well as cancers, the study also highlighted figures from last few years on deaths resulting from consumption of sugary beverages.


Deaths from Diabetes

Deaths from Cardiovascular diseases

Deaths from Cancers





The figures above demonstrate the risks sugary beverages impose on human lives, as you can see the high number of deaths resulting from sugar consumption.

According to the study, Mexico had the highest rate of deaths from sugar beverages that amounted to 24,000 people killed, and the USA ranks second in the list, with 125 deaths per million units of adults.

Doctors and scientists from the research team said that in many places, the massive consumption of sugary beverages is due to the fact that there’s a lack of proper and safe drinking water.

They also asserted that families and individuals now need to take this matter seriously and choose wisely when it comes to beverages, as health is one’s utmost priority and they must ensure that consumption of such sugary beverages doesn’t jeopardize their health and lives.

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