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Steps to do Tadasana

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About Tadasana

Tadasana is also known as the mountain pose. This is an asana that is also known as Samasthitih. This is an asana that is done in the standing pose.

The person doing this asana must keep their feet together and yet again the hand must be placed on the sides.

Key Aspects of Tadasana

The following are some of the key facts that you must know about Tadasana:

  • The feet must be kept together
  • In case the feet are kept apart then the big toes must be kept in the same line that would point forward.
  • The knees must be tightening, that would suggest that the knees must be kept tight so that the posture is tight. The knees must face forward.
  • The balls of the feet must be kept grounded.
  • The hop and the buttock muscles must be contracted upwards.
  • The body weight has to be evenly distributed amongst the heels and the toes. The weight has to be rested equally on both the left and the right legs.
  • The chest must be kept broad and flat.
  • The shoulders must be held back and can be held a little high. All the bandhas must be kept active. The gaze must be towards the tip of the nose.

Effects of Tadasana

The Tadasana is one that works to improve the strength of your abdomen and legs muscles. This is a great way through which the flat feet problem can be handled and even reduced over time. This yoga can also improve the endurance of the deeper foot muscles.

Things to Remember

There are a large number of variations that fall under the area of Tadasana. These different variations could be practiced so that the best benefits can be attained.

In fact, it has been suggested that people who are suffering from the problems of insomnia and low blood pressure can practice the various forms of this asana.

It is advised that a certain amount of tension can be kept in the thing muscles while doing this asana.

This can help to build more muscles. However, the amount of tension that is o be maintained must be regarded carefully.

Too much tension in the knees could hurt the knees in the long run. The feet must be placed in a proper manner.

Please maintain full contact with the floor. In case the positioning of the feet is incorrect then not only the benefits of the asana could be lots but even your body could experience sprains and stress.

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