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Steps & Benefits of Veerasana

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About Veerasana

The name Veerasana refers to the yoga position that taken after the hero or the warrior. In Sanskrit, the word veer means the hero or the warrior and asana means the posture or the seat.

Taking the position:

The asana begins in a standing position. The left leg must be stepped forward at as much a distance from the right leg.

The left knee must be bent at a 90-degree angle and you must place your hands on the knee.

Then raise your hands on top of your head.

Slowly the neck must be tilted to the back and the eyes must gaze to the top. The back must be arched as much as possible.

At the time of releasing the body, the reverse steps must be done but slowly and gradually.

The Main Benefits

The main benefits of doing this asana are really several. In this context, w see that the entire blood circulation of the body is benefitted.

This is an asana that can also improve the digestive system of the body. Yet again the knees and the spinal cord are worked in a very positive manner.

This is a fine yoga position for the muscles of the back, thighs and the leg muscles as well. The Veerasana can also do wonders for the patients who are suffering from depression.

This yoga position can also give you respite from your problem of constipation. The main focus of this asana is in your pelvic region and also the entire spine. The abdomen is also given ample attention.

The Dos and the Don’ts

This is a yoga position that must be done in a smooth and gradual manner. No sudden or hurried steps will be appreciated.

In case such things happen there is a fair chance that you might have a bad muscle pull either in your legs or thighs o worse still your back.

Then again the rhythm of breathing happens to be very important. In case this is not maintained then half your benefits get washed way.

This is a yoga that must be done in the presence of a trainer. Beginners must take help at the time of doing this yoga.

Additionally, the beginners must do this posture nearby to some support so that they can get support if they lose balance.

Never stand on a mat while doing this yoga. There is a fair chance that you would lose your balance.

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