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Steps & Benefits of Shirshasana

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About Shirshasana

Shirshasana is a propelled reversal that displays quality, control and the magnificence of beating the dread of falling through physical and mental adjust.

The name is gotten from the Sanskrit word ‘shirsa’, signifying “head,” and asana signifying “stance” or “stance.”

Shirsasana is a pushed inversion that presentations quality, control and the wonderfulness of beating the fear of falling through physical and mental alter.

How to do Shirshasana? 

In this asana, the head and lower arms lay on the tangle with the hands fastened.

The legs are lifted and the body’s weight is moved until the point when it is completely upheld by the head and lower arms.

The middle is opposite to the angle in a straight line from the hips to the head.

Benefits of Shirshasana

  1. Useful for solid cerebrum: Brain is the controlling focus of the body that capacities the physical and mental parts of the body productively and adequately. The headstand yoga posture permit to show the mind all the more strikingly.
  1. Cerebral pain and Migraine: Shirshasana unwinds and reinforces the pressure of certain veins in the cerebrum in this way keep the event of these diseases.
  1. Treat sexual clutters: Shirshasana helps in fighting sexual issue, for example, prostate issues hydrocele, leukorrhea, spermatorrhea, and all broad menopausal and menstrual diseases.
  1. Tension reliever: Anxiety is the best factor in causing sexual clutters and other confused issues. Shirshasana alone or with reflective strategies of Yoga quiets the brain. The headstand yoga is a phenomenal strategy for achieving placidness and focus.
  1. Treat thyroid: It acts straightforwardly on the thyroid organ by adjusting the metabolic capacities. Breaking down of the thyroid can bring about numerous illnesses either specifically or in a roundabout way.
  1. Enhances eye vision: It enhances the general elements of vision, feeling of smell and taste. The additional supply of blood amid Shirshasana works the tactile organs impeccably.
  1. Skin composition: The state of the facial skin can likewise be enhanced through the normal routine with regards to Shirshasana. Pimples and wrinkles are frequently caused by the deficient evacuation of waste materials and lacking sustenance from the blood.
  1. Memory control: Memory power, knowledge, and every single mental capacity are moved forward.
  1. Remembers frosty & cough: The lungs pick up the ability to oppose any atmosphere and face any work, therefore accommodating in calming of colds, hacks, and tonsillitis.
  1. RBC development: Regular routine with regards to Shirshasana indicate stamped enhancements in the hemoglobin substance of the blood.


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