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Sony Wired Headphones Review

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Sony Wired Headphones

Sony wired headphones are a solid option for those who want to listen to music without putting on earbuds. They have a 1.2-meter flat wire and well-cushioned pads that fit your ears like a glove. These cushions prevent street noise from clogging your ears and reduce noise. They also support a headband with sliding adjustment, so they’re comfortable to wear.


When it comes to wired headphones, Sony has plenty of choices. They make a variety of models for every budget, from ultra-light to bass-heavy. And you can get them with a built-in mic if you need it. If you want a more hands-free listening experience, try a wireless pair.

To maintain your wired headphones, follow the directions in the manual. First, you need to keep the earbuds clean. You can do this by ensuring that they do not contain dust or earwax. If they are dirty, replace them with new ones. In addition, you need to keep the headphones dry.

Sony’s headphones also come with many features, so you’ll be able to customize your listening experience. There are noise canceling, bass-boosted, and surround sound versions. Some of them are even small enough to be worn on the ear. And there are wireless models, including the over-ear version.

Another advantage of wireless headphones is that they don’t require charging. This means that you can use them even when you’re not at home. This is an ideal option for those who like to travel a lot.

Moreover, you can even connect them to your laptop for convenient listening on the go. Sony also makes wireless models, like the WF-C500, which are compatible with Android and Windows 10 PCs.

Some models have additional features, such as Amazon Alexa. You can control your music through the headphones with your voice, as well as adjust the bass level according to your listening preferences. The headphones also feature a built-in mic.

Battery life

Battery life is an important consideration when purchasing a wired headphone. Typically, a pair of headphones with an excellent battery life should last at least 42 hours before needing to be recharged. The Sony WH-1000XM headphones are capable of up to 37 hours of playtime per charge, and require only 5.5 hours to fully recharge.

The Sony headphones also feature a quick charge feature that gives you 2.5 hours of playback after five minutes. Battery life is not the only factor to consider, however. Other features include a built-in microphone and decent noise isolation.

The XB900N headphones have a decent ANC performance, but struggle with low-frequency noise. The headphones have an excellent mic, which lets you answer phone calls and activate voice assistant Alexa. The battery life is a huge bonus, especially compared to competing models. The batteries also last up to two years, which is a significant benefit when compared to cheaper headphones.

Sony’s WH-1000XM5 headphones have the longest battery life of any wired headphone in our tests. The battery lasts up to 40 hours without active noise cancellation, and 30 hours with active noise cancellation. That’s more than double the battery life of Bose’s 700 wireless headphones and Apple AirPods Max.

Battery life is an important factor to consider when purchasing a pair of Sony wired headphones. These headphones can be expensive, but are worth it if you want to enjoy the sound of your favorite music.

Sony offers several different types of headphones, ranging from inexpensive models to more expensive models with more features. The battery life of each of these headphones will depend on how you use them.


Sony has always been known for its quality wired headphones. These audiophile-friendly headphones are made to last for years. They are also very comfortable to wear. You can buy them online.

If you’re interested in buying a new pair of headphones, it’s worth taking the time to compare prices and designs from several retailers. Some of these sites even offer free shipping, which makes the purchase more convenient for you.

The Sony WH-1000XM headphones have comfortable ear pads and an adjustable headband. They are made of sturdy plastic and feature a foam cushion on the ear pads. The Sony headband is light and comfortable, with an adjustable swivel. They come in matte black and have styled back ear cups.

Sony’s headphones also have a Y-shaped cord and in-line remote control. They pair with Android devices using the Sony Smart Key app. They offer easy pairing and a 30-hour battery life.

They also feature a Google assistant and high-resolution audio. Sony’s headphones also excel at noise cancellation. Besides being good at blocking out unwanted noise, they also offer an Ambient noise setting that lets in a small amount of external noise.

One of the best things about Sony wired headphones is their durability. Unlike Bluetooth headphones, they don’t require constant charging. The wired headphones are also very light, and you can easily carry them in your gym bag.

They’re also made of tough plastic and fold away for storage when you’re not using them. They’re also quite affordable, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great pair.

If you’re looking for a high-quality audiophile headphone, try the Sony MDR-Z1R headphones. These headphones have a rich, detailed sound and are extremely comfortable to wear. You can also try the more expensive Sony MDR-Z7M2 headphones, but they’re much more bulky.


The Sony WH-1000XM headphones have excellent bass output. They come with a portable headphone amplifier and are perfect for bass-heavy music genres. These headphones also have a balanced sound signature and noise cancelling.

They can block up to 95% of ambient background noise, making them ideal for quiet listening environments or travel. The sound quality of the headphones is consistent at all volume levels. They also provide good bass output without distortion.

The Sony MDR-ZX110NC wired headphones have comfortable ear cushions and a headband that swivels. They deliver good sound quality and come in four different sizes. They have a black matte appearance and a stylish back ear cup. They are the perfect companion for rock, pop, or even low-end music.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless headphones are a better option if you want to enjoy more bass, without compromising on quality. They also feature an app to control the headphones.

They can last up to 37 hours on a single charge and offer good spatial sound. In addition, these headphones are compatible with Windows 10 and offer a decent microphone.

The Sony XB950B1 headphones are another option in the wired headphone range. These headphones have bass that is rich and deep, and feature a good balance of highs and lows. They are designed to fit comfortably over the ear, making them a great choice for long periods of use.

If you’re looking for high-quality headphones for use in the studio or on the road, these are an excellent choice. The 1.2-metre flat cord with a coiled cable is strong and flexible, and the well-cushioned pads on the headband and over-ear cups ensure comfort. These headphones also fold up for easy storage.


The Sony Headphones with Microphone come at an attractive price. They are very useful and come with great features. If you’re looking for a great value, the Sony Headphones with Microphone are the best choice. They offer high quality sound and a good microphone. They are also extremely easy to use.

Sony headphones are the industry leader, but they do come at a price. Cheaper alternatives often have inferior build quality and lack features like microphone controls, multi-device pairing, and auto-off timers. They also tend to last for a long time and are tangle-free.

Sony’s headphone range is extensive, with many different models addressing different needs. There are neutral, bass-heavy, and treble-heavy models. These headphones cater to a wide range of tastes and budgets. Some are compatible with apps that let you connect to the internet and play music.

Sony’s C500 earbuds were released a few weeks ago and currently cost $78. This is $32 off the original $100 list price. Some have gone as low as $68 in one-day flash sales. While the C500 headphones are not noise-canceling, they’re comfortable and sound good for an entry-level model.

The Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones are a great choice for the price. The headphones are very light and comfortable to wear. They offer a high level of bass reproduction, but they’re not ideal for phone calls. Sony also doesn’t include a carrying case with these headphones.

Sony headphones also have great features. The Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones offer an updated design and new drivers. They’re among the most prominent active noise-cancelling devices on the market. Whether you’re traveling or working in the office, Sony headphones will help you hear your music clearly.

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