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SJE Scholarship Benefits, Features, Eligibility, Documents Required

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SJE Scholarship Benefits | SJE Scholarship Features | SJE Scholarship Eligibility | SJE Scholarship Documents Required | SJE Scholarship Registration

SJE Scholarship Overview

What is the SJE scholarship?

The SJE Scholarship Portal is known as a state-level online portal launched by the Government of Rajasthan’s Department of Social Justice and Empowerment.

The SJE Scholarship, also known as the Rajasthan Scholarship, provides students belonging to the SC/ ST/ OBC/ EBC/ SBC/ DNT groups domiciled in the state of Rajasthan with financial assistance.

The scholarship allows students to pursue higher education in a state of 9 universities, more than 250 colleges, 55,000 primary schools, 7400 secondary schools, and more than 40 engineering colleges.


SJE Scholarships-Eligibility 

Who should apply for the SJE Department scholarships that are being offered? To be eligible for these scholarships, are there any special requirements that one has to follow? If yes, what are those conditions then? The response to all your questions is given in the table below, which contains the specific eligibility requirements that you need to fulfill to benefit from these scholarships.

However, the primary condition of eligibility that is mandatory for all the schemes is that you should be a permanent resident of Rajasthan or hold the state’s domicile.


SJE Scholarship Programs

The various scholarships under the scheme of the SJE Scholarship are:

  1. Rajasthan Post-matric and CM Scholarship
  2. Post-matric Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship for EBC Students, Rajasthan
  3. SBC Students’ Post-matric Scholarship, Rajasthan
  4. SC Students’ Ambedkar International Scholarship Program, Rajasthan
  5. SC Students’ Ambedkar Fellowship Program, Rajasthan
  6. Chief Minister’s Scholarship Program for Higher Education, Rajasthan
  7. Yuva Vikas Prerak Internship Program in Rajasthan (RYVP)


SJE Scholarship Selection Process

How do you apply for scholarships being given by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment? What are the steps to be taken through the SJE portal to apply for scholarships? Some obvious questions may arise when considering the portal in your mind.

The response to your question is given below. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how SJE should apply for a scholarship. You can apply for any of the scholarships mentioned above following these steps.

The application process for the step-wise scholarship is given below

Stage 1: Matriculation

  1. The SJE Scholarship Platform should be visited by interested applicants.
  2. Click on the ‘Latest Scholarship Portal’ and then click on the ‘Register/ Register’ tab.
  3. The page for the Rajasthan Single Sign-On is seen. On the ‘Citizen’ tab, the candidate should press.
  4. The applicant can now choose one of the Bhamashah, Aadhar, Facebook, Google+, or Twitter choices to initiate the registration process.
  5. To complete the registration, the student should create an SSOID and password and click on ‘Register.’


Stage 2: Account Login for SJE

  1. The applicant can visit the Rajasthan Single Sign-On sign-in page and log in using their SSOID and password.


Stage 3: Admission to the SJE Scholarship

  1. The first step is to update the user profile by filling in all the necessary details after useful login.
  2. After the profile update has been completed, the user is led to the User Dashboard, including many digital options.
  3. To start the scholarship application process, the applicant should click on ‘Scholarships.’
  4. A dialogue box pops up, and the user can pick and continue with ‘Student.’
  5. All the application information should be filled in by the applicant and all the supporting documents uploaded.
  6. Lastly, to complete the application process, the applicant should recheck all the data entered and click on ‘Send.’


SJE Scholarships Portal -Key Features

The use of the SJE platform is not limited to a submission for a scholarship. With its enormous features, it serves many other purposes as well. Yeah, you can take advantage of various benefits once you are registered with SJE. Some of its main characteristics that can attract your attention include—

  • You can monitor its application status through this portal once you have applied for the scholarship.
  • It also helps you to keep track of all your offers.
  • Water, power, landline, and mobile bill payments can also be made through this portal.
  • You can also access various electronic resources such as e-learning e-library, e-Mitra reports, e-bazaar, etc., efficiently.


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