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Simhachalam – Popular Hindu Temple

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About Simhachalam

Located in the beautiful town of Vishakhapatnam in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Simhachalam, also known as Simhadri is a popular Hindu temple, dedicated to Lord Naramsimha (the male lion)— an incarnation of popular Hindu deity Lord Vishnu.

The shrine attracts pilgrims from all over the country and its magnificent architecture is in ancient Kalinga style. Coming to its name, “Simha” literally means “lion,” and “achalam” means “hill.”

Since the temple is located on top of a hill, it is termed as Simhachalam. This temple, devoted to Lord Naramsimha also happens to be one of the 18 Narasimha Kshetras located in the country.

The fascinating aspect of the temple is that the feet of Narasimha’s deity is not visible to the eyes of the onlookers, as they are buried deep inside the earth. This aspect too hails from a story according to legend, wherein, Lord Vidhnu’s feet were buried deep inside the land when he had saved Prahlada—son of King Hiranakashyap, who himself wanted to kill his son using multiple tactics, all of which failed, thanks to Lord Narayana(Vishnu) who saved Prahlad from every threat.

The main festival here is called the Chandana Yatra and it takes place in the month of May every year.

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