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Side Effects Of Eating Too Much Watermelon

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Summers have already arrived and in a tropical country like India, keeping our body hydrated becomes extremely essential.

This can be done by consuming plentiful amounts of water and cooling fruits and foods. One such fruit is watermelon. This fruit contains 92% of water and really helps hydrating one’s body.

But as the fact goes, “each and everything in the universe has some side effects”. Likewise, this healthy fruit also has certain side effects when consumed in excess.

Watermelon is said to belong to the cucurbitaceous family. Some other fruits which to this family are: pumpkin, cucumber, squash, etc. Watermelon is considered to be unique as it categorized both as a fruit and a vegetable.

Watermelon contains excellent sources of vitamins A, C and B6, also contains potassium and certain herbal chemicals like citrulline and lycopene.

Not only this fruit has hydrating effects, but it also helps one with digestive processes as it contains a lot of fiber in it. This makes fruit really effective food for weight loss.

But as said before, each and everything has certain side effects. Watermelon too falls under this category.

When consumed in bulk, this fruit may cause diarrhea and other similar digestive problems. It may give rise to bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, gastric problems, etc.

It not only causes digestive problems but also can raise the glucose level in a human body when eaten excessively.

Thus it is advised especially to the patients with high blood sugar levels to consult their doctors before consuming watermelon on a regular basis.

Yet another problem associated with its excessive consumption is the development of liver inflammation.

It is always advised to the alcoholics to intake minimal amount of it as watermelon and alcohol is a deadly combination for the liver. It can also lead to some cardiovascular problems.

Nutritionists say that consuming 100gm to 150gm of watermelon every day can keep a person healthy and would not lead to any harmful side effects.

Thus it is recommended to consume the fruit in a modest amount to stay away from its harmful effects.

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