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Show-Stopping Blonde Hair Ideas for Classy Ladies

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If you prefer to try out different hair looks and you don’t want to have the common icy white hair look then blonde hair is what you are looking for. The blonde style can also be termed the dirty blonde hairdo. This is because a twist of dark color is usually added around the root area.

The choice of blonde that you want ranges from gold, yellow-brown, orange, or red. The dirty blond bests suit you if you like to stand out with a unique hairstyle. A blonde hairstyle can be rocked by women of any age as well as hair of any volume and texture. Some of the most common and stylish blonde hair ideas are discussed below.

Bob Dirty Blonde

This type of blonde hair variation is for mature women in the formal sector. The hair is usually shoulder length and a dark shade of color is evenly applied to the hair. The roots are usually just a little bit darker but they do not stand out.

Gorgeous Dirty Blonde

If you prefer a low-maintenance look, then a gorgeous dirty blonde is what you are looking for. Show off your roots in a darker blond and give the rest of your hair milky or icy highlights that blend perfectly with the roots.

Balayage Dirty Blonde Hair

Rock your naturally brown hair with a few dark highlights on the root area. This is the easiest dirty blonde to have as the largest portion is made of the natural color of your hair.

Wavy Feminine Dirty Blonde

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, then it is easy to rock this blonde. The color is well highlighted on the layers of the wavy hair. The volume of the hair plays an important role to our general appearance.

Shaggy Blonde

Your hair does not have to be neat for you to rock a dirty blonde. After you mix the color you want for your dirty blonde, use your fingers to make your hair a little bit shaggy but in a fashionable manner. This blonde best suits you when you reduce the length of your hair hence regular trimming is required.

Half Up Half Down Dirty Blonde

Just like the name suggests, the blend of colors is evenly distributed. The color from the roots goes up to the middle while the other color begins from the middle to the end of the hair. Young women rock this hairstyle better.

Voluminous Dirty Blonde

If you have a large volume of hair that is naturally wavy, then it is easy to rock this dirty blonde. The roots are made such that they are darker than the rest of the hair and perfect curtain bangs are made to give you an elegant look.

Pixie Dirty Blonde

If you love short pixies, then you can also rock them with a dirty blonde. Pixies are easy to maintain as they only need trimming after some time. The bottom part of the hair at the back of the head is the one made to have a dark color than the rest of the hair. The hair is then styled towards the front to get the look that you desire.

Wavy Loose Blonde

This is a blonde hair idea that is meant for ladies with long and luscious hair. If you have voluminous and wavy hair, make a dirty blonde using a dark hue for the roots and an icy look for the rest of the hair.

Formal Waves Blonde

If you are in the formal sector and you would love to rock a dirty blonde, then this is the style for you. Curtain bangs blend so well with formal bangs. If your hair is not naturally wavy, you can add to the volume of your hair by making waves using a curling iron and hair products.

Soft Waves Blonde

This is a type of blonde hair that requires high maintenance. It also requires a lot of patience as the waves should be well maintained so that they retain a soft appearance.  So, choose it if you can dedicate some hours of hair maintenance and you have the patience needed to achieve it.

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