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Increasing Rape cases- Who’s to be blamed? The Girl? Or the malfunctions in the society?

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Women facing sexual harassment is becoming more and more common with increasing rates of rape cases in the world.

It is the most frequently occurring crime happening in all developed as well as undeveloped nations. A woman being raped exposes the incident and the details of the rapist, but the time elapsed never goes back. The victim loses so much in life whereas in most of cases, the rapist is hardly affected in the long run unless punished by the court of law.

According to law definitions, a woman who is forced for sexual intercourse against her will and without her consent is declared as being raped. Marital rape is not declared as rape when a man attempts to have sexual intercourse with his own wife.

Probabilities that propose rape cases

In most cases, a rapist and the victim know each other prior to the incidents. The friendship or acquaintance follows to the unwanted sexual activity suddenly, without concrete knowledge of the female. It is known as the date rape or acquaintance rape as it is fixed in the mind of the male with prior planning. Unnecessarily the woman gives a chance to him and allows entering in her private world.

In some of the cases, a woman gets chances of being attacked when she is alone and without any protection. She may be living alone and neighbors or friends may know a lot of details about her and have information relating to her daily schedules and habits.

The girl traveling to another place at late nights without any company also allocates the chances for the crime. Strangers or known people take the chances if they are planned with narrow thinking for assaulting her.

Encounter techniques should be learned by women

Women must be brave to deal with the situation when they encounter sexual assaults or threats. They must practice self-defence exercises taught by professionals and the methods of how to perform rescue operations. Thinking sharply and facing the attacks with proper reactions will help the victims from being assaulted.

Government organizations and women welfare associations conduct workshops to educate women for being secure at any time. They are helpful to encourage and develop confidence in women’s minds. One thing must be kept in mind that one should not believe and depend on strangers.

Taking nicotine, tobacco, or alcohol also lets down the senses and ceases the thinking capacity for the women. The woman loses her thinking power and cannot take actions of self-defence.

Modern technologies have created so many facilities to the public to get assistance in emergency cases. Helplines are available online and from anywhere like auto rickshaw or bus.

Any victim/potential victim can contact the organizations as immediately she senses an attack. Women’s support is available for the victims in all ways of financial, moral, or health maintenance.

Blaming Factors of Rape: Movies, Clothing, Culture, Education, Technology

Movies, videos, and other entertainment media are exploring unpleasant sceneries in uncomfortable situations. It is not good for the people who take it seriously in mind; the thinking of rapists makes its roots deeply. Children and youth cannot think in mature ways and get into the trap of methods and feelings of sensual pleasures.

Pornographic materials and videos must be banned and should not be developed. Saving society with ideal and health mannerism is important. Elders must watch their children keenly about what goes in their children’s mind, how is their behavior, etcetera.

The persons who are alone from childhood, and not brought up with proper care can easily get involved into crimes and unacceptable activities. They may not feel sensitive and courteous with others and also lack established culture and tradition.

Proper etiquette and behavior with society, particularly the treatment of women are known for them. They become sexually aggressive towards women and try to take a chance at a convenient time.

The attires and clothing style of girls also provoking youngsters to think in negative ways. Girls should take care of themselves, wearing clothes must be descent, and their appearance must be dignified.

Education provides the students the knowledge of the reproduction and anatomy of the human body. So many journals and academic books explain the sexual interactions between humans and relations. They must be taken in a positive way to get knowledge of it but should not motivate in wrong thinking for unfair dealings.

Technological improvement explores everything and expanded communication levels. Preplanned trapping of young girls can be done by evil thinking persons. Personal information display on social networking sites and emails, chats is misused by unethical persons and create problems.

Research Rape Ratio

Rape rates worldwide are increasing every day. According to the study of American research organizations, there is an average of 293,000 instances of sexual assault each year. Those are done for every 107 seconds. 44% of sexually harassed victims are young girls under the age of 18 and 805 are under the age of thirty. Ninety percent of rapes committed by the persons are already known to the victims and 47 percent rapes are acquaintance type. It is very sad that 98% of rapists are never reported to the police and lead a common life in society. A majority of rape cases are not reported.

In India, where the culture and tradition are old schools to a great extent, most of the rape cases take place in rural areas. According to the National Crime Records Bureau of India research, for the year of 2014, 13% of the victims were girls under the age of 14 years. 26.3% were teenage girls, and 46% were women in between 18 to 30 years ago.

Statutory rapes, the rapes of minors below the age of consent are very frequent. Most cases are not reported to the police and kept secret because of unwanted humiliation and retaliation for the victims. Prison rapes, gang rapes, campus rapes, corrective rapes, and rape by deception are the types in which rapists plan to harass victims.

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