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‘She is not a mother, she is a witch,’ Sheena Bora wrote in her diary entry referring to Indrani Mukerjea

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The Sheena Bora murder case has gotten everyone glued to the matter with new developments and truths unveiling every day. The latest in the case is the testimony of Sheena’s diary, which has revealed how much she hated her mother Indrani Mukerjea.

The Mumbai police is already probing into the matter of the murder of the Guwahati girl who was allegedly murdered by Mukerjea, her own mother three years ago in 2012, and her body was later discovered in Raigad. Until now, email conversations between Mukerjea and Sheena have shown the conflicted relationship between the two and the latter’s diary entries have only validated it further.

The diary also revealed how much the 25-year-old missed her biological father Siddharth Das and wrote letters to him, asking him to come and visit her.

While the diary entries show that Sheena was in touch with Das for a long time, through letters, updating him about her education and day to day activities, Das has asserted that he hasn’t been in touch with Sheena that much.

Coming to Sheena’s personality, her write-ups only reveal her to have been a lonely child, who wasn’t well attended to and faced depression from her loneliness. In most of her entries, she has cited Indrani Mukerjea as a negative person, calling her names like “bloody B***h,” saying “She is not a mother. She is a witch.”

The Mumbai police is currently probing into the diary entries, which was accessed by DNA and also the email conversations between the mother-daughter duo to find a rational link and conclusion on what led Mukerjea to kill her own daughter, teaming up with her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyamvar Rai.


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