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Shavasana – Yoga Asana

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About Shavasana

Shavasana also is known as the Corpse Pose is practiced by the yogis at the end of all active yoga postures.

This is done as an epilog to the different asanas practiced and includes lying flat on the back with legs spread as wide as the yoga mat and hands-on both sides with the palms facing upwards.

After the previous yoga poses that focused on the actions of the body, Shavasana is done to gain a meditative and deeper state of the mind.

Elaborative steps

  • Lie flat and hard on the surface with your stomach and face facing upwards. Get comfortable in the position and make sure there won’t be any disturbance. Then close your eyes.
  • Keep your legs comfortably apart from one another and relax them. Make sure your toes face sideward casually.
  • Keep your arms along the sides of your body and place the palms facing upwards.
  • The next step includes meditation. Gradually, draw attention to every area of your body starting with the toes. In the process, inhale and exhale slowly and try to relax as much as possible.
  • Make sure you breathe slowly yet deeply. The body should feel revitalized as you inhale and tranquilized as you exhale. Let go of the wariness and try creating a blank mind.
  • After 10 or 12 minutes, roll your body to one side breathing slowly. This should be done when the bodies feeling fresh and calm but don’t open your eyes yet.
  • Sit up in Sukhasana followed by a few deep breaths. As you start gaining awareness of the surroundings, open your eyes. Shavasana is complete.

What are its holistic benefits?

Mental: Shavasanaminimises external distractions and sensory stimulations that allow the inner mind to channel its energy throughout the body and connect with the different body parts from the inside.

Interoception, the insight of the physiological state of mind, and body awareness are elevated with the practice.

The meditative state of Shavasanaencourages slower states of alpha and theta brainwaves (linked with creativity) by slowing down the active beta brainwaves.

Physical: Shavasana is the ideal asana to reveal the deeper layers of stress in different muscles and significantly relaxes the tightness and tension in the body.

It controls anxiety by reducing blood pressure ensuring the heart’s safety. Also, the ten or fifteen minutes of Shavasana could help you recharge and gain energy to work with a positive mood.

Squeeze out a few minutes to practice Shavasana every day and you should witness considerable changes in your mood and body understanding.


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