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Seva Sindhu Advantages, Features, Registration

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Seva Sindhu Advantages | Seva Sindhu Features | Seva Sindhu Registration | Seva Sindhu Login

Seva Sindhu Overview

Seva Sindhu is a one-stop-shop providing people with government-related services and other information. It is an interactive platform to provide community government services that can be a handy tool for bridging the state’s digital divide, whether with the government and people, government and companies, government agencies, etc.

Setting up a kiosk in villages and towns, the Service Delivery Centre will use this Portal to provide citizen-centred services to the city.

The goal of Seva Sindhu is to make more available, cost-effective, accountable, and open government services.

It also provides people with the requisite knowledge and assistance by disseminating information on government schemes and facilities to the community. It is a step towards integrating the services of different departments seamlessly.

It also allows departments to streamline/simplify the department’s procedures/processes by eliminating the department’s complicated, time-consuming, and non-value-adding steps/processes to provide better services to people. It builds transparency too.

Many of the Departments’ Main Advantages are

  • Departments should concentrate on their core roles to help improve the productivity of departments and officials.
  • Different factual and exceptional MIS reports will be made accessible to departments through the e-Portal, contributing to better planning and implementation of government services. Linking the SAKALA applications will ensure the timely delivery of services.
  • The new data analytics will help departments anticipate, comprehend patterns, and ultimately help better serve people.
  • The advantages of the Seva Sindhu project would make the delivery of services to people convenient and quicker.


Some of the significant advantages for residents are

  • The Seva Sindhu Portal provides people with a single forum to take advantage of various departments’ services.
  • People can also access the Seva Sindhu Online Portal and submit their requests for service other than office hours.
  • People can monitor the status of their requests for service from anywhere and at any time.
  • Alternatively, people can visit either of the nearby Common Service Centers at Gram Panchayat Level for citizens’ services.
  • People would have access to a centralized helpdesk to explain questions and solve their problems.


Plans for the Future

  • Seva Sindhu integration with eSign, Digi locker, and SSDG
  • Issuance by the State of Karnataka of a Common Government Order on the mandatory integration of G2C Services in the e-District Portal and on service charges for the Services’ provision through various CSCs.
  • Seva Sindhu with more than 100 departmental facilities to be formally launched
  • Integration of multiple service delivery networks such as Bangalore One, Karnataka One, Bapuji Seva Kendra, Atal Jana Snehi Kendra, CSC with Seva Sindhu at Gram Panchayat level.


Registration process for Seva Sindhu Portal

Step 1: Visit the Seva Sindhu official website, i.e.,

Step 2: On the homepage, tap on the option to apply for services named

Step 3: Your computer will show a new web page.

Step 4: If you have already registered before, you can enter and log in using your credentials.

Step 5: You can click on the option called new registration below the home page if you want to register yourself, and you are a new user.

Step 6: On your phone, the application form will be shown.

Step 7: Fill out the application form information.

Step 8: Press the Submit button to submit your final application.


Check the online application status

  1. Open the official website of your browser, Seva Sindhu.
  2. You now have to click on the monitoring application form on the homepage.
  3. There are two options available to check for the application status: first, the reference number of the application and second, the OTP.
  4. Choose any one choice now
  5. Only press send. You will get your application status.

Via reduced processing time, decreased visits to access services, and reduced opportunity costs, Seva Sindhu offers a hassle-free service delivery.

Seva Sindhu also allows the department to simplify the department’s procedures by eliminating cumbersome, time-consuming, and non-value-adding steps, thus improving the delivery of citizen services.


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