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Sankisa – Buddhist Pilgrimage

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Located in the Farrukabad district in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Sankisa is a pilgrim place of immense significance in Buddhism, since it is believed that the founder and the mind behind the religion—Lord Buddha, after serving sermons to all the Devas as well as his mother in heaven had returned to Earth, and it was Sankisa, where he had first stepped on his return to Earth.

This very belief had turned Sankisa into one of the most widely known pilgrim places among the Buddhists. In fact, Sankisa is one of the few pilgrim places in the country, which has managed to get a mention in popular Indian epics like Ramayana. It also found a place as Kapittha in the travel chronicles of Huien Tsang.

The place boasts of a list of tourist spots that attract a lot of attention. Some of them include the Buddha Temple, the ruins of Ashokan Elephant Pillar, the temple of Maya Devi, as well as the Shuva Linga that resides here. Other than that, the famous festival of the place is called the Shravan Mela, held in the months July and August that garners a lot of attention from all over the country.

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