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Sandisk Showcases the World’s Smallest 1 TB Pen Drive

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About Sandisk Pen Drive

The Consumer Electronic Show 2018 (CES) that’s currently going on at Las Vegas has been witnessing the majority of the popular tech giants unveiling their concept models for some of the most awaited futuristic technologies.

From personalized robots with never-seen-before Artificial Intelligence mechanisms to autonomous cars—the show is power-packed with all of it.

Following the trend, popular flash storage company, Sandisk too showcased the world’s smallest USB flash drive of 1 TB storage capacity.

This USB-C flash drive from Sandisk is not the first flash drive with a  storage capacity of 1 TB in the market, however, it is so far the smallest flash drive to have been manufactured. As of now the pricing and availability details have not been announced but they will soon be known.

The flash drive consists of a USB-C port, which makes it easily usable on mobile phones along with a wide set of gadgets, such as your Macbook or your Android smartphone.

In the year 2016, a flash drive with a maximum storage capacity of 2 TB was launched by Kingston, however, the size of that flash drive was bigger than the recently unveiled Sandisk 1 TB flash drive.

This prototype flash drive is way more slimmed down than Kingston’s 2 TB flash drive from 2016, and if that wasn’t appealing enough, Sandisk has also moved from the basic USB 3.0 connectivity to the much advanced type-C connectivity.

The flash drive according to the company is capable of storing around 16,000 songs, 10 hours of complete HD videos, and 14,000 photos, and ever after all of this, 64 GB of space would still remain free from all other sorts of data!

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