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Sagarmal Gopa – Freedom Fighter of India

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Born on the 3rd of November in the year 1900, Sagarmal Gopa was a significant freedom fighter and patriot, who hailed from the north Indian state of Rajasthan. Born and raised in Jaisalmer, he was a part of an affluent family with Brahmin preaching.

He revolted against the British Raj, and opposed his own people from Jaisalmer when they were endorsing anti-people policies. Sticking true to the patriotism for his country, he actively participated in the non cooperation freedom movement of India, against the rule of the British government in the year 1921.

He was barred and exiled from his own land, by the people of Jaisalmer and Hyderabad, and despite being abandoned he continued to be a part of India’s independence movements. He was arrested in the year 1941, and was tortured everyday in the prison.

He died a year later, in 1946, one year prior to when India attained independence.

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