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Rani Padmini: Her Interesting Life Story

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Rani Padmini, the woman, known in Indian history as Padmavati, was the queen of the Mewar state. She was the Princess of Singhal state, and it was in Sri Lanka. At that time(13th-14th century), Ratan Sen, the spouse of her, was the ruler of Chittor.

After marriage, she became the queen of the Chittor Fort and the wife of Rawal Ratan Singh, king of Mewar Kingdom.

In Indian history, people knew her for divine beauty. And the most characteristic for which she was very famous was her self-immolation. This great woman was remarkable for the Jauhar when Alauddin Khilji, the king attacked Mewar.

About Rani Padmini

From the text of the sixteenth century, we get to know about the queen of Mewar. Her father was Gandharvsena, and the name of the mother was Champavati. She spent her life under their care.

There was an unusual parrot who was able to talk. The name of that parrot was Hiramani.

As she was the Princess of the Singhal kingdom, her father, Gandharvsena, arranged for a swayamvara for her wedding.

Rani Padmini Family

For the wedding of her beautiful Princess, he, the king of Singhal, invited the Hindu kings and the Rajputs. The all-men came to the Kingdom to show their ability so that they were eligible for marriage.

Rawal Ratan Singh, the king of Mewar, went to that swayamvara to see the beautiful Princess of Singhal though he had multiple numbers of wives.

When she won the swayamvara by defeating the king Malkhan Singh, Gandharvsena gave her beautiful daughter the hand to the king of Chittor. After that, the king returned to his Kingdom with the beautiful queen.

When all the competition was over, and he got successful to win the quest, she married the Chittor king. Then, Ratan Singh took the beautiful daughter of the ruler of Singhal to the Mawar. Alauddin Khilji was the Sultan and the ruler of Delhi. He imprisoned the king of Chittor Ratan Singh.


Rani Padmini History

Apart from the text of the 16th century, many others wrote about her life of Rani Padmini, the Princess of Singhal kingdom, and the queen of Mewar. Many writers wrote differently and gave various versions to us. The release of Sufi poet Jayasi had a difference also from those versions.

As an illustration, Padmavati’s spouse Rawal Ratan Singh died while fighting with the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji. And after the death of her husband, she was forced to take Jauhar.  Here, we found a queen of Rajput character who got success in defending her honor from the Muslims.

It has been continuing for many years in Indian history. Rani Padmini was a historical character whom people saw to appear in plenty of novels, dramas, TV serials, and movies.

When the ruler of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji, came to Chittor to get the Kingdom and Rani Padmini in 1303 CE, she committed Jauhar at that time with her companions. It is a great historical moment.


Rani Padmini Battles

In the period when the Chittor king got imprisoned, there comes another king who got enamored after seeing the beauty of Rani Padmini. The ruler of Kumbhalner Devpal proposed Rani Padmini for the marriage.

When Rawal Ratan Singh returned to his Kingdom, he got involved in a fight against Devpal. That war took both lives of the two kings.

Alauddin Khilji told her to come alone to his Kingdom. But when she went there with 100 soldiers, the Sultan of Delhi attacked her Kingdom.

As the agreement was to come, Rani Padmini alone took without soldiers; therefore, Alauddin Khilji angered and went to Chittor to obtain the beautiful Rani Padmini, popularly known as Padmavati. When Padmavati realized that her Kingdom Chittor was going to defeat, she took a decision.

At that time, they had only two options: surrender themselves to the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji, or beat him by saving their honor. Therefore, Padmavati and her companions decided to commit Self-immolation, which is known as Jauhar in Indian history.

They committed Jauhar before the capture of their Kingdom and got success in saving their honor by defeating the target of Alauddin Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi. The Rajput men fought with bravery on the battlefield and died there.


Rani Padmini Achievements

  • The Princess of the Kingdom Singhal of Srilanka got Rani’s title after her marriage with the great ruler and fighter of the Mewar Kingdom.
  • We know Rani Padmini as Padmavati.
  • There are plenty of movies which people made on Rani Padmavati in our country. The first movie built on the biography of Rani Padmavati was “Kamonar Agun” in 1930. It is also called “Flames of Flesh” (1930). It was a silent movie of Devaki bose.
  • The earliest movie which we produced in the Hindi language was Maharani Padmini in 1964.
  • And recently, in 2017, a producer named Sanjay Leela Bhansali created a movie on Rani Padmavati’s story. The film had a big budget. Deepika Padukone, a famous actress, played the role of Rani Padmavati, and she was the lead role of that movie. Ranveer Singh played the character of Alauddin Khilji. However, the name of that movie was changed when the centerboard didn’t permit to release it. Then, the film renamed Padmavat. The movie was subjected to a plethora of controversies where it wasn’t getting released as well. As a result, the name of the movie had to change. Even after the change of name, there were riots and many religious communities took it personally and were hurt. There were even death threats to the entire case of Padmavat formerly known as Padmavati. However, things did come under control and


We got to know about Rani Padmavati, and it’s Jauhar from many versions. This woman is known for her divine beauty and also her Jauhar. She had an extraordinary effect on Indian history and people remember her and will remember her forever and after.

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