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Ramatheertham Temple in Vizianagaram

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About Ramatheertham Temple

Located in the Vizianagaram district of the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Ramatheertham is a popular historical site and also a significant pilgrimage place for the Hindus.

As the name suggests, Ramatheertham has close links to the popular Hindu deity Lord Rama and coming to religious significance, the place has ties not only with Hinduism beliefs but also the likes of Buddhism as well as Jainism. The place is filled with a variety of ancient structures from the fields of all the three religions, be it in terms of shrines or sculptures.

Ramatheetham has a variety of ancient ruins of Buddhist and Jain structures like caves, rocks, sculptures, which are referred as the Bodhikonda. Ramatheertham has a parallel line of three hills located at different directions, having religious significance with each of the cultures. The Bodhikonda is at the south, with spots on it connecting to Lord Rama as well as Jaina.

Towards the northern side is the Dugakonda consisting of both Jain and Buddhist remains from ancient eras; and the last is the Gurabaktakonda, the hill located right at the center composed of bare solid rocks, and it serves as the spot where one can find the remains of the ancient Buddhist monastery.

The popular holy shrine that is the Rama Temple too is located here, where idols Sita, Lakshman, and Rama have been installed with silver coverings.

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