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Rajendra Prasad Biography

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About Rajendra Prasad

Born on the 3rd of December in the year 1884, Dr. Rajendra Prasad has been a significant personality in history for becoming the first president of independent India, and also for serving as the president of the Indian Congress in the years 1939 and 1943, and also as the president of the Constituent Assembly.

Youngest amongst all his siblings, he was brilliant academically and learnt Persian, Hindi and arithmetic at a very young age.

He got married by the age of 12 and was an intellectual since his childhood, topping the University of Calcutta’s entrance exam, and earning an every month scholarship of Rs. 30 during those days.

He joined the Swadeshi Movement on his elder brother’s insistence and was deeply inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership and guidance to lead India to attain independence.

Under Gandhi’s guidance and influence, Prasad decided to lead a more simplified life than the luxurious one he was blessed with. He reduced his number of servants, started doing his own day to day chores and also washed utensils.

He devoted and dedicated himself to India’s freedom struggle and was an active entity during the Non-cooperation movement.

After serving as the country’s president for 12 years, he was awarded with Desh Ratna award in the year 1962. He breathed his last on February 28th, 1963.

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