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General Instructions:

a)    Complete all the questions.

b)   You have one day to complete this quiz.

c)    There will be no negative marking.

d)   Copy all the questions in word file and mark your answer in RED and send at:

e)   Random selection will be done by computer

f)     In the end of the answer sheet, please mention your name, address, and phone number.

g)    Winners will be announced on 9 July on Indian-GK Facebook Official Page.


Life Science


Q1. Intracellular digestion is found only is:

a)      Frog                       c)  Fish

b)      Amoeba               d) Sponge

Q2. Out of the following mammals the eggs laying is:

a)      Spiny ant eater                 c) Bat

b)      Whale                                   d) Squirrel

Q3. Liquid connective tissue is:

a)      Blood                                    c) Protoplasm

b)      Cytoplasm                           d) Grey matter

Q4. In pulmonary artery of frog flows:

a)      Pure blood                          c) Impure Blood

b)      Mixed blood                      d) Blue blood

Q5. The organelles of the cells of green plants which contain chlorophyll are called:

a)      Chromoplats                      c) Chloroplasts

b)      Leucoplats                          d) Mitochondria



Q1. Rs 2000 amounts to Rs: 2226.05 in 2 years at compound interet. The rate of the interest is:

a)      5.0%                      c) 5.5%

b)      5.25%                    d) 6.0%

Q2. A shopkeeper purchases 11 knives in Rs 10 and sells them at the rate of 10 knives  for Rs: 11. He earns a profit of :

a)      11%                        c) 20%

b)      15%                        d) 21%

Q3. A person born on Monday in July 1921 retires in 1981 on the day he attains the age of 60. He retires on:

a)      Monday                               c) Friday

b)      Wednesday                        d) Saturday

Q4. 3 men of 7 women can do a piece of work in 32 days. The number of days required by 7 men and 5 women to do a piece of work twice as large is:

a)      19                                           c) 27

b)      21                                           d) 36

Q5. The equations:

3x – 5y + 2 = 0 and 6x + 4 = 10y have:

a)      No solutions                       c) 2 solutions

b)      A single solution               d) an infinite number of solutions



Q1. The first animal tamed by the men of middle stone age was:

a)      Dog                                        c) horse

b)      Bullock                                  d) camal

Q2. The invention of craft of spinning and weaving is associated with:

a)      Middle stone age                             c) Neolithic age

b)      Early stone age                                 d) bronze age

Q3. In 1907, the first split of Indian National Congress occurred at:

a)      Lucknow                              c) Pune

b)      Bombay                               d) Surat

Q4. The founder of bahamani kingdom was:

a)      Mahmud Saha 1                               c) Hassan Gangu

b)      Mahmud Gawan                              d) Alauddin 2

Q5. The tax which abolished by Akbar and was reimposed by Aurangzeb was:

a)      Jatak                      c) khiraz

b)      Zazia                      d) Khams




Q1. Which of the following ocean are connected by panama canal?

a)      Pacifc and altantic                            c) Indian Ocean and Pacific

b)      Altantic and Indian Ocean            d) Altantic and North Ocean

Q2. Which of the following countries possesses a strong natural resource base for iron and steel industry

a)      Russia                                   c) Japan

b)      Pakistan                               d) Bangladesh

Q3. Which of the number of India amongt the producers oof mangeanese ore in the world?

a)      Second                                 c) third

b)      First                                       d) None

Q4. Shri harikota situated in andhra pradesh is famous for:

a)      National remote sensing agency

b)      Vikram sarabhai space centre

c)       Satellite control centre

d)      Satellite tracking and ranging station

Q5. Blue mountains are:

a)      The Vindyas                                       c) The Himalayas

b)      The Nilgiri Hills                                   d) The Aravali ranges


Mental Ability


Q1. a-b b a-a a-b-a

a)      b a a b                                   d) a b b a

b)      a a a b                                   e)  a b a b

c)       a a b a

Q2. Y X Z W Y,  X W Y V U,  (?), V U W T S,  U T V S R,  T S U R Q

A)     V W T X U                            d) W V X T U

B)      W X V U T                            E) W V X U T

C)      C T V X U W

Q3. A boy in raning season while going to school takes 1 step forward but he has 2 steps towards his home. How can he reach his school

a)      By using an umberlla                      c) by facing home and walking

b)      By means of a cycle                         d) by facing the school

Q4. I go north then turn right, then right again and then left. In which direction. I am going now?

a)      East                                        d) north

b)      West                                     e) south

c)       None of these

Q5. 5 books a lying in a pile. E is lying on A and C is lying under B. A is lying above B and D is lying under C. Which book is lying at the bottom?

a)      A                                             d) D

b)      B                                             e) E

c)       C


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