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Prasarita Padottanasana – Enhances the Flexibility of your Body

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About Prasarita Padottanasana

The prasarita padottanasana is a yoga position that enhances the flexibility of your body. This is a yoga position that can be done in a wide variety of positions.

In fact, it is said that the second series of this asana happens to be all the more challenging and is best practiced by little-practised people.

In this asana, the main aspect is that one must stand and open wide with their feet parallel to each other and their hands on their hips. Then you must bend at your hip and try to place your fingers on your big toe.

Then you must raise your head up with your backbend and your hands on the floor. Hold the position for a while to then straighten up slowly to stand in a straight posture.

The element of breathing happens to be imperative. One must inhale at the time of first bending after whole the exhalation must be done at the time of raising your head.

Then again at the time of straightening your back, you must then again inhale deeply.

This is a breathing cycle that can help to improve your blood circulation and can also do wonders for your concentration level.

For all those who have a lower back problem, this is a yoga position that must be avoided.

Or the full front bend can be avoided. Again in some of the asana variations, the head’s crown must graze the floor. This can be difficult for beginners.

Hence the beginners can start by supporting the head on a thick mattress or even blanket.

Benefit of Prasarita Padottanasana

This is a yoga position that can have a therapeutic effect for fatigue, headaches and also for mild depression.

This is a great way through which the abdominal organs can be toned and provide relief to your backache. Additionally, it can also calm down the brain and relax the practitioner.

Again this is an asana that can strengthen and can stretch the inner and the back leg muscles.

This is an asana that can leave you short of breath as well. However, maintaining a steady rhythm of breathing is also very important.

This is a yoga position that can work wonders for your abdominal muscles and extra waist inches. Please be sure to be very gradual and smooth in all your movements.

Especially at the time of getting back to the straight position, you must be very careful to avoid sprains.


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