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Post-matric Scholarships for SC /ST students Features, Benefits

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Post-matric Scholarships for SC /ST Overview

The New 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities of the Prime Minister was revealed in June 2006. It allows for the introduction of a post-matric scholarship scheme for meritorious students from minority communities.

The scheme aims to grant scholarships to deserving students belonging to economically weaker segments of the minority community to provide them with better higher education opportunities, increase their higher education achievement rate, and increase their employability.

Eligibility for Scholarships for SC /ST


  • The scholarships are available to Indian nationals.
  • These scholarships will be given for all kind of accepted secondary post-matriculation or post-matriculation courses at an acknowledged college, except as follows:
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses and Private Pilot License Courses. Training courses-Ship Dufferin (Now Rajendra), training courses at the Military College, Dehradun, pre-examination training centres at all levels of India and the State.
  • Applicants shall be qualified only if they belong to a Scheduled Caste so defined to the State/Union Territory to which the applicant belongs, i.e., permanently settled and have passed the Matriculation or Higher Secondary School or any higher examination of a recognized University or Board of Secondary Education.
  • Candidates who study various subjects at the same stage of education after passing one education stage, e.g., I.Sc, I.Sc. Oh, after I.A. Hey, or B.Com. Uh, after B.A. Uh, or M.A. They won’t be considered for other subjects.
  • Students who, after completing their academic career in one professional area, e.g., After L.L.B., B.T./B.Ed. He won’t be qualified. Studies in two technical courses from the academic year 1980 – 81 are permitted.
  • Students enrolled in Class XI of the XII Multipurpose High School Higher Secondary School classes would not be eligible for an ongoing school course. However, in cases where the exam of such courses in the Xth class is considered as equal to Matriculation and students who enter other courses after passing X th class, This kind of students will be treated as post-matric students and will be eligible for scholarship these awards.
  • Students who follow medical post-graduate courses will be exempt if they are not required to practice during the course time.
  • Students who enroll in any approved vocational or technical certificate/diploma/degree courses after failing or passing the undergraduate/post-graduate exams in Arts/Science/Commerce will be granted scholarships if otherwise qualified. Except for courses in Category ‘I,’ no subsequent failure will be accepted
  • Also, qualifying is students who pursue their studies by correspondence courses. Distant and ongoing schooling is part of the word correspondence.
  • Employed students whose income may not surpass the overall prescribed income limit combined with their parents’/guardians’ income are made liable for post-matric scholarships to the degree of reimbursement of all non-reimbursable compulsory fees.
  • Both children with the same parents/guardians will have the right to benefit from the system.
  • A scholarship holder will not hold another scholarship/stipend under this system.

Procedure for Applications

A scholarship application should consist of:

  • One copy of the scholarship application in the prescribed form (separate application forms as prescribed by concerned States/U.T.s for ‘fresh’ and renewal scholarship)
  • One copy of the passport size photograph with student signatures on it (for fresh scholarship)
  • For all exams passed, one approved copy of certificates, diplomas, degrees, etc.
  • A Caste certificate duly signed by an appointed Revenue Officer not below the Tehsildar rank (in original).

An income declaration by self-employed parents/guardians, claiming substantial income via an affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper from all sources. Employed parents/guardians are expected to receive their employer’s revenue certificate and furnish declarations in an affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper for additional revenue from other sources.




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