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Points to consider before staring an animation project

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Planning is significant regardless of the nature of the activity – formal or informal. Starting an animation task without mapping out a single thing spells doom.

Whenever a new idea whispers its way to the animator’s brain, s/he gets gung-ho and wants to build frame after frame. However, if the frame building task takes place without any conceived plan, then the chances of wandering from the route are high.

Nevertheless, maintenance of order is necessary, especially for the success of the animating project.  The following steps must be worked out before beginning the animation project.

Plan the story

Many novice animators get started with the project only with an idea by their side. For the idea to pan out, it is significant to plan a story first. Every story has its concept in the foundation stone; write the concept and, further, jot down the important elements of the story (especially the ones, signifying the flow of concept).

The basic framework (preferably a holograph) must be there by the animator’s side for making any last-minute changes less daunting. Some hotshot animators rely on scripting the entire story, which makes frame development a cakewalk. Whenever forming a script, mention camera angles, zoom, and camera pan; it is beneficial to work on details.

Create your characters

Create characters with the utmost passion. A quick sketch – and that too once – of characters does not help. For example, it is beneficial to do two facial shots; draw a full-body sketch. Further, try to create the characters’ faces in several emotions – happy, angry, sad, etc. The animators must do whatever it takes to lend verisimilitude to the characters. It is advisable if the animator prepares a comprehensive character sheet. The character sketches help a lot when the final animation is done.

Plan scenes

If it is not a one-scene shot, then the animator must plan all the scenes. For proper planning of each scene it is beneficial to have a script. An animation script must clearly define the starting and ending points of a specific scene. The requirements to prepare each scene must be planned too. Determine how many characters must be present on each scene. Also, before planning the scenes, it is significant to create a storyboard. Further, a script should ensure clarity of direction.

Plan the timings

Proper timing is the essence of animation. Running a set distance will not require the same number of frames as needed for walking the same distance in animation. While mapping the timing of an animation, it becomes important to determine till what time the animator wants the animated clip to run.

Create a project plan

Planning the final workflow for the entire project is necessary. Delineate proper time period for the completion of each of the project phases; outlining is significant. Practicing discipline is a requisite for carrying out the entire project without any hiccups.

Such steps help an animator inch toward gaining perfection in the field of animation. For learning the ropes select the web designing course offered by leaders. Many names are offering animation courses, but selecting the best among the rest will come only by checking the placement track records of an institute. Thus, sign up for high-end animation courses and make a mark in the Animation industry.


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