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Places to visit in Horsley Hills

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About Horsley Hills

Also known by the name of Horsleykonda, the Horsley Hills, as the name suggests is a hill series located in the Chittoor district of the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It precisely is located in the Madanapalle taluk of the district.

The place was named after a British collector called W.D. Horsley, who had built a home in this place in the year 1870. Before that, the place was locally known by the name of Yenugu Mallama Konda, after a legend that talked about an elderly woman who lived in the hilltop and was fed food by the elephants living there.

The official language of this region is the same as the official language of the state of Andhra Pradesh: Telugu. Different from the default climate of the country, which is generically hot and dry, the climate of the Horsley Hills is relatively cooler and also decked with rich vegetation. This quality, along with its impeccable scenic beauty makes Horsley Hills one of the most beautiful places in India that also enjoys a lot of tourist attention. Horsley Hills Tour

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The place is rich with plantations of exotic trees and it has been known for its wide variety of flora and fauna. The ancient variety of eucalyptus trees planted here too is a treat to watch for the visitors and the tourists.

There are around 133 species of birds that have been recorded in the area including many rare species like the black eagle, yellow-throated bulbuls, as well as the white-rumped shama.

In former days, animals like wild boars, sloth bears, as well as the sambar deers too were found here. Additionally, a long list of lichens to has been recorded in the Horsley Hills region.

The place as of today has become one of the major tourist spots in the summer season.

List of tourist attractions in Horsley Hills:

  • Mallamma Temple
  • ViewPoint
  • Gali Bandalu—also known as the wind rocks
  • Kalyani—Eucalyptus Tree
  • The Rishi Valley School (Only on weekends as well as holidays, since on weekdays, tourists are not allowed as classes are on).

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