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Patek Nautilus: The Watch Of The Century

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When people dream about the legendary Patek Philippe Nautilus, they always have an impressive design, and whenever consumers see it, they get an even better assessment. The most significant feature would be when they place the Patek Philippe piece across their wrist and delight at what is worth doing.

The very initial Patek Philippe Nautilus was introduced in 1976, and it is a highly regarded product among all watch lovers to this day. The Patek Philippe device was launched at a period whenever the watch market desperately needed creativity in order to survive and succeed.

Rich Background Of Patek Nautilus

The Quartz dominated the period, which resulted in a downturn in the Swiss watch market. Patek Philippe was struggling, but Audemars Piguet, its counterpart and rival, was triumphant with the launch of the Royal Oak, a luxurious sporting device. The latter felt compelled to act, which is when the Nautilus was born.

It was a rarity throughout the PP clock series since they had rarely made a device that can be classified as a sporting watch; all of their previous creations had been either chronograph watches or time-only watches. The Patek Nautilus was indeed a stunning piece made of stainless metal with a big case to show off.

People were drawn to a very bold idea to marvel at what an incredible invention it was. The Patek Philippe device got its name from creativity. The portholes of such a device are illustrated to have an oval form, and the watch attempts to show a round shape. It doesn’t require a profound thing to note that the frame of the Patek piece is a stretched octagon.

What Makes The Watch A Must Have?

The Patek Philippe Nautilus has long been regarded as among the most luxurious stainless metal sporting devices. Its approved retail value is comparable to gold products or more complex watches from other brands. There’s an explanation for the price difference between this design’s selling price and retail demand.

This drew a lot of attention and increased supply for the Nautilus. Patek’s audacious leap has influenced ideas from other designers. For several ages, the Nautilus’ market valuation has well surpassed its retail value. This is thanks to a blend of vibrant marketing and huge demand, which helps the company sell more pieces.

Patek has always tightly restricted their manufacturing quantities to ensure that no particular stainless steel design dominates its entire portfolio. Besides that, the Genevan maker prioritizes custom and concentrates most of their efforts on sleek, intricate wristwatches. The company has never contemplated growing Nautilus production figures.

Success Story Of Patek Nautilus

Patek Philippe contrasted from convention when it introduced the Nautilus in 1976. They had never owned an athletic stainless steel device before. The Nautilus became notorious in its early years, but it has become among the most popular and requested pieces most of the time. Also, nowadays, its appearance is untouched.

It also has an octagonal frame with pointed corners as well as a satin-painted and coated stainless metal bracelet. Patek Philippe preferred a sideways relaxation on the crown rather than a traditional guilloché, offering the piece a flashier naval feel. The luminous baton indexes, and the luminous hands for such minutes and hours, add to the athletic appearance.

A Women’s Watch?

Patek Philippe released a new line of female pieces in 2019 under the serial digits 7118. Such 35.2-mm watches have a shorter bezel and a more subtle, feminine appearance than that of the men’s pieces throughout the series. The Patek Philippe model 7118 is available in stainless and rose gold, both with and without jewels.

Users may also select a dial-in of different colors such as golden brown, gray, silver, or blue. The automated specification 324 S C with such a centralized second hand and a dating show powers each device. The prices of such watches depend on the diamonds or jewels the device has on it.


Since 1976, the Nautilus has embodied the sleek, sporty watch with all its squared octagonal curved screen, innovative porthole structure, and dramatically engraved dial. It now has a superb range of males and female styles after forty years. In metal, red gold, white gold, and dual-toned variations, they add a touch of class to even the busiest lifestyles.

For 43 years, the Nautilus sporting product series has been manufactured against delay. The desire for that specific design has outstripped availability to where neither Patek Philippe nor some of its stores can offer one simply since a buyer is tossing cash out. Fresh pieces are sent to closely screened clients who have risen to the top of the standby list.

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