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Paryankasana – How to do & Benefits

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About Paryankasana

The word ‘paryank’ means a bed or a couch. Asana would indicate at the set or the posture. In general, this is a pose that is also known as the Couch Posture.

Doing the Pose

In order to do the pose first, you must sit in the veerasana pose. The thing must be kept together. In order to attain this posture, you can also belt your things together.

In the next step, you can recline to the Supta veerasana pose of the reclined hero pose. The elbows must be pressed to the ground.

The back must be lifted and the crown of the head must be rested on the floor. The arms must be brought overhead and each must hold the other elbows. This pose must then be held for one minute.

The positions of the arms and their holdings could be changed in the midway of the asana. Coming out of the pose must be done slowly and gradually.

Things to Remember

The following aspects must be remembered at the time of doing this asana:

  • While doing this asana the things must be lengthened in the direction of the knees.
  • The hop creases must be opened wide.
  • The buttock muscles must be released and kept loose.
  • The sides of the waist must be narrowed and they must be stretched in the upward head direction.
  • The armpits must be stretched evenly. The neck, chest and the throat muscles must also be relaxed.

The asana is one that aims to improve your waist, back, thigh, abdomen and also leg muscles. This is a yoga position that address your entire body at the very same time.

Yet this is difficult position and must be done with help and assistance.

For the beginners, it is advised that you do this yoga in the presence of your teacher or trainer.

Additionally, we see that since a pronounced arch is what is required then you can add some extra padding to your waste and also under your neck.

This can help you to get a better arch and yet again at the very same time you can also avoid nasty back aches and sprains. At the time of doing this asana, you must be very sure that no hurried movements are done.

Once again the aspect of breathing is imperative. Relaxed but continuous breathing can help you to double the advantages of this asana.

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