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Oasis Scholarship Features, Benefits, Apply Online

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What’s the Oasis scholarship?

The Oasis scholarship, supported by the West Bengal government, offers many pre-matric and post-matric scholarships for economically backward students interested in pursuing higher studies.

West Bengal students belonging to the SC/ ST/ OBC are eligible to apply for the award. The Backward Classes Welfare Department of the Government of West Bengal administers the Oasis scholarship portal.

The portal’s main aim is to ease the process of applying for scholarships and managing the scholarships offered.

The primary purpose behind this Oasis scholarship portal’s launch is to develop a dedicated online scholarship application filling and management system provided by the government.


Rewards from Oasis scholarship

  • The benefits you earn from Oasis scholarships vary, depending mainly on your current class. Of course, there is a vital role for your academic merit and financial need in the selection process, but the amount of scholarship you will earn varies from class to class. Below is a robust scholarship award structure that you can earn via the Oasis scholarship.
  • Only if PO or DWOs successfully check the application is the scholarship balance disbursed.


Application Method for an Oasis Scholarship

The scholarship application process is online. The procedure step by step is given below:


Step 1: Registration for Students

  • Interested students can access the Oasis Scholarship official website.
  • Press the ‘Student Registration’ option on the home page.
  • The applicant should choose the district/city where his or her college is located.
  • The next webpage shown is for the verification of castes. The candidates have to fill in all the details and ‘Send.’
  • The online registration process is complete once the caste certificate details are checked.


Step 2: Filling procedure for Login and Application form

  • The Permanent User ID and password can be retrieved from the ‘Download Login Information/ Acknowledgement Slip’ tab once the registration phase is full.
  • Applicants can ‘Check In to the portal using the obtained user ID and password.
  • The next move is to fill in the application form with all the personal information and bank data.
  • The candidates are advised at this stage to check all the data and then Save and Proceed’.


Step 3: Application Analysis and Lock

  • This move ensures the validity and authenticity of all the information entered by the applicant.
  • To save all the information, the applicant should press the ‘Verify and Lock’ button.
  • There is no way to update or make changes to the information entered once the details are ‘Locked.’


Step 4: Print and Submit the Request Form

  • The candidates should download a copy of the form submitted after successful submission.
  • The completed form and the supporting documentation should be sent for further processing to the Block Development Officer (BDO) concerned.
  • Oasis Scholarship Process of renewal:
  • Every year the current scholars need to renew their scholarships. The process of renewal is performed online. The step-wise method for the same procedure is given below:
  • A student can visit the official website of the Oasis Scholarship.
  • There is an opportunity for a ‘Renew Scholarship’ in the Students’ section.
  • The applicant can use the registered user ID and password to ‘Login to the portal.
  • The students must check all the previously entered information and, if necessary, make adjustments.
  • The applicant must press the ‘Renew Application’ button after checking all the details.
  • The applicant must now enter all the current academic information and click on the button ‘Renew and Lock Submission.’
  • Once the application is blocked, no further modifications can be made.
  • The applicant needs to be downloaded a copy of the submitted form and submit it with all supporting documentation for further processing to the Block Development Officer (BDO) concerned.


Required Oasis Scholarship Documents

The documents to be submitted along with the request form are listed below:

  • Photograph of passport size
  • Caste Certificate
  • Certificate of Birth
  • Last qualifying test mark sheet/certificate
  • Aadhar card copy (or any other ID and address proof provided by the government)
  • Certificate of Profits
  • Copy of passbook for bank
  • Certificate of Domicile
  • Fee receipt

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