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NTES (National Train Enquiry System) – Live Train Running Status

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About NTES

If you are Indian, then you just have to travel by train at least once in your lifetime. The question where is my train or PNR Status of your train? Has become extremely old fashioned now. Now with NTES on board, people must be aware of the NTES train enquiries.

In spite of various transport models, there is still a major chunk of the society which prefers to travel by train over the other modes of transport such as flights, buses etc.

The reason for it is also very simple and straight forward: Travelling through trains comes out to be extremely cheap, reasonable and comfortable when compared to the other modes of travelling.

However, due to several travels in a day, the train schedule does go haywire and it’s human. In such scenes, online train running status & live station status which enables loads of travellers to plan there schedule in a better manner.

The all-new National Train Enquiry System helps the individual find the status of their train and all the other relevant information which is needed.


Procedure to check the Train Running Status via the National Train Enquiry System:

  1. The user needs to enter a five-digit number or can enter the train name in the box.
  2. As soon as the user fills in the number or the name, the current status of the train will be seen.
  3. There will be a detailed status shown such as the current location, arriving time of the trains at the other stations
  4. The users also have the provision to look for the status of various trains. One just needs to click on the ‘Search’ tab and the search box will automatically reset.
  5. This will enable the user to check for the most recent running statuses while using the shortcut tab,

Other information found using the National Train Enquiry System (NTES):

  1. One can check the schedule of the train of a specific date using the tab of the train schedule. One just needs to enter the number and the date of the train.
  2. At just a glance, one can look for all the trains which are being or have been rescheduled in the past 48 hours, by using the reschedule app. One can also find the modifying timings very conveniently.
  3. In case of the times when the railway track has encountered some issue or is faulty, the user has the provision to use a Diverted tab which allows the users to keep a track of all the trains which have been diverted recently. You can also find that for which station these trains have been diverted in.
  4. The user can also see a list of all the cancelled train list due to various conditions such as bad weather, unfavourable conditions, etc.
  5. The user can also check for the trains between the two stations.
  6. One can also check for information on trains running or leaving the platforms from a specific station within 2-8 hours by using the NTES Live Station feature.

The feature of checking the train status is extremely helpful. All thanks to technology, we should feel blessed to be living in such an era where everything is available at just a click of a button. You can easily check a detailed status of the train in terms of any cancellation, diversions, halts, delays, waiting etc.

The live tracking helps to save a lot of time as it reduces the waiting time. Whereas earlier in the absence of live tracking, the traveller had to wait for hours at the station without knowing any status of the train.

The times have finally changed now! The time has come to access your smartphones by using the National Train Enquiry System and be very well aware of the current location of the trains. This at the end helps the individual in planning the time in case of any cancellations or delays of the trains.

In the current era, it is very much possible to check the train’s running status every second. One can easily check the departure time, arrival time, position of the coach, current location, future location etc.

The National Train Enquiry System (NTES)

The National Train Enquiry System (NTES) app is a useful way to track the status of your train. You can use it to find out the exact location of your train and get the timetable for it. You can also look up details of trains that are between two different stations. The app also features a feature called “Live Station” that shows all trains scheduled to arrive or depart at that station within the next two or four hours.

The app is easy to use and has an organised interface. It lets you select the interface that displays the information you need. It also provides information about cancelled trains and rescheduled trains. The app allows you to check the location of a train from any place. You can also find information on the train’s schedule, the location of a particular station, and whether it’s running late or on time.

The Indian Railways manages the National Train Enquiry System (NTES) to give travellers real-time train information. The NTES app and website allow you to get train information via mobile or computer. These apps also let you view the train schedule online, as well as check the status of your PNR (passenger name registration) ticket. With these services, you can save valuable time and avoid missing out on important train information.

The National Train Enquiry System is a convenient and reliable way to get train information in India. The system is provided at most major railway stations and helps commuters track the status of their trains. The information provided by the system is accurate and timely.

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