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Ntangki National Park

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About Ntangki National Park

This National Park is situated close Dimapur (at a separation of 35 kilometres) and one of the best national parks in Nagaland. The second name of this park is additionally Intanki.

Really the name Ntangki is the result of Zeme tongue of a specific tribe live there named Zeliangrong.

As a decent national park of the state Nagaland and also of the nation as well, this part is situated in the amazing northeastern district of the nation.

An extremely thick chain of downpour woodlands makes characteristic environment for different species like flying creatures, reptiles, well-evolved creatures and bugs.

In this park one can see the elephants, wild buffaloes (“Mithun” – one of the Indian Zodiac sign named after this creature), hoolock gibbon (no other such specie on the planet), tigers, sloth bear, wild canines, flying squirrels thus on in the immeasurable territory of rough 200 sq km.

The run of the mill topographical area of this park permits the erection of central wilderness and the knoll which spread in the significant part of this national park.

In a few spots of this stop, some tropical trees are additionally grown-up. Arrangement of mountains and the whole valley of the recreation center territory give a picturesque look which is extremely noteworthy for outdoors and experiential exercises.

Trekking is additionally done here under different aides and organizations amid the season.

An extensive variety of different sorts of species is possessed in this national park.

Once in awhile discovered hoolock gibbon, golden lungur, hornbills, pheasants, python, monitor lizard, tigers, sloth bears and so on are the property of this park.

Seeing these species in their regular living space is the most energizing background of this place.

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