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No room for change in triple talaq system, says AIMPLB

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The All India Muslim Personal Law Board rejected the suggestion made by some communities on change in the triple talaq system for creating a consensus that would make a three month notice period before the final divorce mandatory. The AIMPLB stated that there was “no scope” for any change in the age-old conventional system of triple talaq in Muslim culture.

According to Maulana Abdul Raheem Qureshi, spokesperson of the AIMPLB, although the holy book of Islam—Quran cites triple talaq to be a crime, the impact of the words and its aftermath once spoken cannot be changed or undone.

While reports have revealed that approximately 92% of the Muslim women in India want the traditional system of oral divorce to go, wherein a man has to utter the word “talaq” in a row thrice and that validates the divorce between the couple, the board says that the ideas of the Quran are quite stringent and they would abide by that, be choice and faith, paying no heed to what is happening in other countries like Pakistan, Iran or Bangladesh.

According to Qureshi, their beliefs are solely dependent on Quran Sharif, Hadith and Sunnat.

He also added that the matter has been discussed not just in recent past but even long ago, and although the act of uttering triple talaq in Islam is not termed to be righteous or good, once said, it is a complete process that validates a divorce and there’s nothing else that can be done about it.

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