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Nirbhaya gang rape case convicts sentenced to 10 years jail in robbery case

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All four of the death row convicts of the Nirbhaya gang-rape case of December 16, 2012, in the capital city of New Delhi, have been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, in relation to the robbery that they committed in the same bus where the rape victim who the nation named “Nirbhaya,” was later brutally raped that led to her death after a couple of days.

On December 16, convicts Akshay Thakur, Mukesh, Vinay Sharma and Pawan Gupta had robbed Ram Adhar, a carpenter, stealing his cell phone and a sum of Rs. 1,500 from the same bus, where they later physically assaulted and raped the 23 year old physiotherapist Jyoti Singh Pandey, alias Nirbhaya.

According to Reetesh Singh, additional session judge of the Delhi court that announced the judgment for the convicts on this incident, the convicts didn’t need to be shown any amount of leniency, given their age, understanding and economic background.

He also added that the convicts didn’t show any iota of guilt or remorse when the court announced its judgment.

The court emphasized on the fact that the decision was best in favor of the public and the society wherein people take public transports when they can’t afford private vehicles, and they need to be assured that it is safe for them to depend on public transport and services, and not flinch at the thought of boarding an empty bus from the fear that they might encounter a similar fate like Adhar’s.

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