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Nirala Estate Phase 2 Review


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I intended to move the people I care about to a more desirable location, providing quicker and simpler access to a wider variety of amenities, such as dining establishments and entertainment venues, than their present environment. My journey around Nirala Estate Phase 2 consumed a significant amount of my time, but at this point, I have the impression that I am completely familiar with all of its aspects. I decided to make that location my permanent domicile since I was satisfied with its accessibility and the amenities that it supplied. The Nirala Estate Phase 2 sets the standard for an acceptable urban lifestyle in Noida. Despite its proximity to some of the busiest thoroughfares in the city, Nirala Estate Phase 2 has the air of a tranquil hideaway.

How did I discover Nirala Estate Phase 2?

I wanted to find a new home for my family as fast as possible, so I read all the advertisements published in the newspaper and magazine to learn more about the neighbourhoods that would suit us. After giving it a lot of thinking, my family and I have decided that we would be happiest living in the region of Nirala Estate Phase 2, and we are excited about the prospect of making this move. After conversing with the relevant authority figure, I concluded that purchasing an apartment in this structure would be best.

Nirala Estate Phase 2 Price And Amenities That I Adore 

Homes in Nirala Estate Phase 2 are built to excellent standards and are furnished with luxurious extras as standard equipment. These residences are offered for sale inside a private gated community with only a limited number of residents. The starting price for one of these apartments is 69.65 Lacs, up to 1.27 Crores. The whole cost of purchasing mine came to 87.20 lacs.

You will find your life more enjoyable and fulfilling if you reside in Nirala Estate Phase 2, where other sophisticated individuals will surround you and call a tranquil and affluent neighbourhood in Noida home. Nirala Estate Phase 2 is an amazing residential complex that provides an extensive variety of facilities, some of which include the following:

  • A reception area leads into a separate waiting room set off to the side.
  • To ensure the safety of guests, the site has several log cabins fitted with security cameras in various strategic positions.
  • A backup generator and surveillance equipment have been installed in the building’s common spaces, which are used concurrently by several tenants at any one time.

3 Reasons to Buy Property at Nirala Estate Phase 2

  1. Location-based benefits 

The following is a list of some of the places that are situated near one another:

  • It is located directly on a road that is wide and is easily accessible on foot from the closest metro station.
  • Driving to Gaur Chowk Extension from the main road takes less than two minutes.
  • The nearest Metro Station is around 6 minutes away.
  • The Fortis Hospital may be reached in a quick and easy eight-minute drive.
  • When travelling by car, arriving at the GIP Mall will take slightly longer than ten minutes.
  1. Impressive Amenities

The expansive green grounds of Nirala estate phase 2 are terrific for relaxing strolls. At the same time, the star deck, superbly crafted play area, and multipurpose court are ideal for hosting date evenings, ensuring that the children are entertained, and demonstrating your tennis prowess respectively.

  1. Reputed Builder 

Since its foundation in 1996, Nirala World has been at the forefront of the real estate industry, always setting new benchmarks. It has established itself as a leader in the construction field in Noida and Noida Extension, garnering a noteworthy reputation among the constellation of the greatest builders in the two cities. These achievements have helped put Nirala World in a position where it is now a leader in its market. A dynamic team of experienced professionals runs it, and the organization’s goal is to match the aspirations of a growing India for modern places.

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