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Nellie Sengupta – Freedom Fighter of India

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Born in the year 1886, Nellie Sengupta, whose birth name was Edith Ellen Gray, was raised in Cambridge. She fell in love at a very young age, with Jatindra Mohan Sengupta, a renowned freedom fighter hailing from the Indian state of Bengal, who was living at a lodge in the parental home of Edith.

Her parents opposed their relationship, but despite the opposition she chose to marry Sengupta and came to settle in Calcutta, India. Here, she took the name Nellie Sengupta, and like her husband, became a significant member in the independence movements of the country.

After she entered the field of politics, by joining the Indian National Congress party, she was also elected as the party’s president and actively participated in the 1921 non cooperation movement against the British Raj. After her husband was arrested and imprisoned, she took charge of all meetings, conducting planning sessions and also boycotted foreign laws by selling khadi clothes. She also worked for the rights of many minorities in the country of Bangladesh.

She had two sons with Jatindra, and passed away in the year 1973.

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