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NCERT Scholarship Features, Benefits, Registration, Apply Online

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NCERT Scholarship Features | NCERT Scholarship Benefits | NCERT Scholarship Registration | NCERT Scholarship Apply Online | NCERT Scholarship Login


NCERT Scholarship Overview

One of the most competitive exams in India is the National Talent Search Test (NTSE). The NTSE Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship program for Class 10 students from all over the country.

The exam is administered annually by the National Council of Educational Research, Training (NCERT), and 1000 meritorious students are chosen for the NTSE scholarship.

The selected students are given NTSE scholarships over the various stages of their education. There are additional benefits as well, aside from the monetary advantages of becoming an NTSE scholar.

We will provide you with comprehensive information about the NTSE Scholarship in this article, and the benefits of becoming an NTSE scholar are also given in the article.

Criteria for NTSE Scholarship Eligibility

Candidates will have to meet the following eligibility requirements before qualifying for the NTSE Scholarship:

  • Only Class 10 students, including Open & Distance Learning students, may apply to any recognized school.
  • The student must belong to the people of India.
  • Candidates should not be older than 18 years of age.


How to apply for an NTSE grant?

Candidates wishing to apply for the NTSE Scholarship should keep an eye on the official NTSE website, where when NTSE registration forms are available, they will publish the notice. The steps for completing the NTSE Application Form are set out below:

  • From the official website, download the NTSE Application.
  • Fill out the application form and connect all the documentation you need.
  • Get the school principal’s signature on it.
  • Send the NTSE application form, along with the application fees, to the State Liaison Officer.


NTSE Scholarship: Other advantages of becoming a scholar of the NTSE

A few of the benefits of becoming an NTSE scholar are:

The central government awards:

1. NTSE scholarships to pursue studies in science and social sciences up to doctoral level. The scholarship is awarded up to the postgraduate level in a technical course like engineering or medicine. One thousand scholarships are awarded to scholars from Class XI onwards, each with 500 INR per month. The grant for Ph.D. programs complies with the UGC standards.

  1. Being an NTSE scholar instils utmost confidence in the future to crack these competitive examinations. An NTSE topper or scholar is almost any classmate of yours at IIT. Studying to become an NTSE academic is about clearly knowing the concepts. When you take your competitive examinations like AIPMT, JEE, CLAT, etc., this training would be useful.
  2. If you want to opt-out of the country for advanced studies, you have an advantage as an NTSE scholar. Choosing whether to apply for MS/MBA also serves as a differentiator. For being an NTSE qualifier, those applying for US scholarships get additional points. Universities abroad are familiar with the NTSE and give preference to applicants who have completed the test.
  3. In India, several colleges have seats reserved solely for NTSE scholars. Your gateway to an excellent college in the future is this prestigious exam. You can pass college admission tests to gain direct entry to the college of your choosing.
  4. On resume,’ NTSE scholar’ is an additional benefit when applying for jobs or interviews., An NTSE scholar gets preference in government jobs as well. When appearing for IFS, IAS, IRS, IPS, etc., interviews, it is also helpful.
  5. During NDA choices, NTSE Scholars, also get rewards.
  6. NTSE scholars can receive discounts at the high school level on course materials and books to purchase some essential and costly books. If a student has to apply to another school for admission, then NTSE scholars are often preferred.
  7. For NTSE scholars, study materials and different courses are available at a reduced price.




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