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NBA Continues to Use Technology to Grow the Game

3 27

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There are a number of different ways to follow the NBA and bet on the action, and that includes keeping a close eye on the NBA championship odds. Those odds are always released well before the season begins, and then they continue to shift throughout the year.

The NBA has done a great job of marketing itself to fans, and it has closed the gap with the NFL in terms of the most popular sport in the United States. One reason is that the NBA is always coming up with new ways to use technology to keep things interesting.

Technology can be a great tool when it is used correctly, and the NBA always seems to do it better than most leagues. You will notice this on the live TV broadcasts that the league puts out throughout the year, but you can find this in other areas as well.

Here is a look at some of the best ways that the NBA is using technology to improve its product and also to engage with fans.

Great Replay System

Instant replay is now a part of every major professional sport, but it is still a mess in a few of the leagues that use it. Replay is the biggest debacle in Major League Baseball, as it feels like most of the calls are still wrong even after the umpires are able to go to replay.

That’s not the case in the NBA, and the replays are also done much quicker than they are in other sports. Coaches are able to challenge plays throughout the game, and it doesn’t take the NBA referees long to go to the monitor and make a final decision.

NBA referees also do a great job of explaining what was seen on replay, and that gives the fans in the arenas and at home a chance to understand what took place.

Great NBA Team Apps

Every team in the NBA has a specific team app, and that is where fans can get the most up-to-date information on their favorite teams and players. This is also where fans can interact with one another, and everything is done in one simple app.

There are some teams that do a much better job when running the team app than others, but the NBA has also stepped in as well. The NBA just released some new technology where players can now get in on the live action or through video replay.

Through technology, users can now insert themselves into a video clip and make it look as if they are on the NBA floor and taking on the best players in the world. This new feature is mostly for young fans that are interactive on the mobile app, but it’s something that virtually anyone can figure out.

NBA All About AR

Not only does the NBA use AR to help fans insert themselves into highlights and videos, but it has also come up with a game that gets players active. Augmented reality is a popular new technological tool, and it’s amazing what can be done when used correctly.

The NBA absolutely nailed the use of AR by coming up with a game called NBA All-World. This AR game allows players to use their current surroundings to challenge different NBA players in skill competitions.

This NBA All-World game can be downloaded as an app on any mobile device, and it’s a free app that is loaded with great features. Players are able to move around to different locations while on the app, and new NBA players are going to pop up to be added to a team.

The NBA has always encouraged fans to get involved and be physically fit, and the best way to do that is to visit a local park. Those local parks are going to be highlighted in the NBA All-World game, and moving to those parks is the best way to get the top NBA players to step up and battle.

There are going to be updates made to this mobile app over time, but the initial release from the NBA proved to be extremely successful.

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