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National Tourism Day in India (25th of January)

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About National Tourism Day in India

National Tourism Day of India is celebrated on the 25th of January all across the country. The sole purpose this day, because of which the government of India marked this day as National Tourism Day is to encourage more and more tourism in the country and acknowledge the fact that tourism of India contributes exponentially in the development of the country and also nurtures the nation’s growing economy.

The embarks upon the fact that India is a country proud of its cultural heritage and globally renowned for its cultural diversity, wherein a plethora of traditions, beliefs, and culture exist together under one roof, and many people from overseas love to witness this among many other things like Indian art and culture, architecture, scenic beauty, etc. which make India one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

As of today, the Indian tourism is growing rapidly, and giving a boost to the Indian economy, wherein it has successfully supported around 39.5 million jobs, which constitutes around 7.7% of its total employment.

There exist various types of tourism in India, which include and is not limited to cultural, heritage, sports, nature, rural, eco-tourism, business tourism, educational tourism, etc.

India also participates in the United Nations World Tourism Day, which is celebrated on the 27th of September every year.

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