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National Postal Day of India

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About National Postal Day of India

Ever year on the 10th of October, India observes its National Postal Day. The postal service in India is over 150 years old and as of today, despite the emergence of technology, wherein phones and smartphones, and the web have taken all over, it is still an Indian postal service that still remains the most used form of communication in the country.

The National Postal Day of India is an extension of the World Postal Day and is observed on the 10th of October, which also happens to be the national postal day of many other countries across the globe.

It was the British government that had introduced postal services in India around 150 years back and since then its popularity has only grown and even today, despite the existence of text messages, WhatsApp, etc. postal service remains the most widely used communication method in the rural as well as semi-urban parts of India.

It is not at all an easy task to serve the entire part of India with postal services, given how diversified the country is, how remote some places are, and the fact that there are so many geographical, economic, as well as linguistic barriers in so many places of the country.

Yet it is commendable of the Indian Postal Department that has strived to overcome all these odds and still continue to be the best when it comes to the postal service here.

Be it an army man sending a letter through the post to his family or a farmer in the most rural location receiving money from his son working in the city—the Indian postal service has woven many such emotional and heart-touching stories for all these years and continues to do so.

To celebrate the National Postal Day of India, new postal services are introduced on this day itself, followed by many more activities related to it, such as opening mail centers, postal museums, workshops, seminars, as well as conferences.

Many other cultural, as well as recreational activities too, are organized on this day to spread the word among the people about the existing popularity and upgrades of the Indian postal service.

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